What Residents Say About the Program

"This program offers diverse experience with balanced training for residents who work closely with attendings in the UTMB Heath Eye Center. Autonomy is encouraged through the resident-run clinic in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Hospital. Residents also work very closely with world-renowned physicians at Methodist Hospital and the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Additional rotation at Orlando VA Medical Center in Florida allows residents to achieve a high number of cataract surgical experiences.

"The department also highly encourages research experience. Residents can choose to participate in a number of ongoing clinical and basic science research projects. Past residents have been highly successful in these research projects, resulting in presentations in domestic and international conferences, as well as publications in respected peer review journals.

"These are a few of the reasons why past graduates of this program have been very competitive in obtaining fellowship placements at top institutions across the country."

- Haijiang Lin, UTMB Residency Program graduate

"There are several special aspects of this residency training. The residents are a tight-knit, collegial group that support one another and like to have fun while learning and training. You have a chance to learn from some phenomenal faculty who are exemplary in the field of ophthalmology. There also are opportunities to work with rising researchers. Moreover, Galveston has a unique, small-town, beach atmosphere with old history, but a comprehensive, advanced medical facility and entertainment attractions, as well."

- Brian Tieu, Second-year UTMB Ophthalmology resident

"On April 29, 2011, we performed our first cataract surgery for an indigent patient from St. Vincent's Eye Clinic using a generous grant from Alcon. Ophthalmology residents Drs. Haijiang Lin and Nima Tirgan performed the lens calculations. Ophthalmology faculty member and cataract specialist Dr. Manuj Kapur and I performed the surgery. The surgery went off without a hitch and the patient did very well.

"As a physician, it has been immensely important to me to provide care for those who have poor access to health care. For many of us, our original goal for becoming a physician was quite simply to serve others through healing. The opportunity to realize this goal is incredibly gratifying. We would like to thank and commend everyone in the department for staying true to this ideal and remaining committed to serving the sick regardless of a patient's station in life."

- John Gonzales, University of Southern California

"Having heard of the wonderful research opportunities in combination with the outstanding clinical faculty, I was proud to begin my ophthalmology residency at UTMB in 2008. It has been a great experience. The attendings care so much, not just about academic progress, but personal growth as well."

- Kevin Kaplowitz, University of Southern California Medical School graduate

"The main attraction of UTMB for me was the emphasis the program has on research. I have found it to be a dynamic and thriving program that significantly improves residency training and patient care year by year. What was remarkable was the speed of the program's recovery after Hurricane Ike. I live on Galveston Island and I find it peaceful."

- Hossein Ameri, Tehran University of Medical Sciences graduate, UTMB OVS graduate 2012 and first graduate of UTMB OVS Post-Residency PhD Program, completed in 2013