Rubing Chen, Ph.D.

Professional Education



Field of Study

Graduation Year


Shaanxi Normal University, China




Shaanxi Normal University, China

Molecular Phylogenetics of Insects



Pennsylvania State University

Viral Evolution



University of Texas Medical Branch

Molecular Virology & Viral Evolution



2013  American Society for Virology Travel Award
2013  McLaughlin Travel Grant. UTMB
2013  The Robert L. Harrison Award. UTMB
2011-2013  Center for Tropical Diseases Postdoctoral Fellow. UTMB.
2009 Braddock Research Award. PSU
2008  Braddock Scholarship. PSU
2005-2007  Braddock Supplement. PSU
2005-2007  University Graduate Fellowship. PSU

Professional Societies and Affiliations

  • American Society of Virology

Research Interests

My research studies the viral transmission and pathogenesis from an evolutionary point of view.  Specifically, I am interested in integrating molecular evolution and experimental virology methods to identify the viral and host factors that influence the replication and transmission of arboviruses, as well as to translate this knowledge to understand and predict emergence into human populations.


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Rubing Chen, Ph.D.

Rubing Chen, Ph.D.

Center for Tropical Diseases
Department of Pathology
University of Texas Medical Branch
4.138 Keiller Building
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Office Phone: (409) 747-2440