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Autopsy Policies and Procedures

These policies and procedures are made available as a resource to communicate operational requirements and to improve your experience while on service. Should you experience any problems with the functionality of this site please contact Judy Smith.

 Policy No.  Title
 TOC  Table of Contents
 7.01.00  Document Control System
 7.01.01  General Information
 7.01.02  Disposition and Handling of Decedents - Entry, Storage, and Release
 7.01.03  Decedent Affairs Paperwork (DAP)
 7.01.04  Death Review Summary Sheet
 7.01.05  Consent Forms - Legal Next-of-Kin - Telephone Consent
 7.01.06  Private Autopsies
 7.01.07  Requesting Medical Records
 7.01.08  Autopsy Checklist - Reference Guide for Autopsy Set-up
 7.01.09  Specimen Identification
 7.01.10  LIS Procedures
 7.01.11  Autopsy Tissue Cassettes Procedures
 7.01.12  Discards
 7.01.13  Fluid Collection
 7.01.14  Specimen Collection and Handling
 7.01.15  Decalcifying Solutions
 7.01.16  Triphenyl Tetrazolium Chloride (TTC) Preparation
 7.01.17  Daily Monitoring
 7.01.18  Equipment Maintenance
 7.01.19  Conferences Preparation
 7.01.20  Pre & Post Autopsy Procedures
 7.01.21  Post-Mortem Examination
 7.01.22  Organ Dissection
 7.01.23  Post Prosection Procedures
 7.01.24  Perinatal Autopsy
 7.01.25  Fetal Retention and Surgical Pathology Fetuses Disposal
 7.01.26  Handling Medical Examiner Evidence, Specimens & Authority
 7.01.27  Medicolegal External Examination (View)
 7.01.28  Basic CNS Examination
 7.01.29  Autopsy Reports
 7.01.30  Amended and Addendum Reports
 7.01.31  Information Release and Subpoenas
 7.01.32  Smear Preparation and Fine-Needle Aspiration Procedures
 7.01.33  Post-Mortem Coronary Angiography and Faxitron Usage
 7.01.34  Medical Devices
 7.01.35  Post-Mortem Photography
 7.01.36  Protecting and Preserving the Integrity of Original Glass Slides and Blocks
 7.01.37  Hand-Off Communications
 7.01.38  Burial Assistance and Unclaimed Bodies
 7.01.39  Records, Specimen and Material Retention
 7.01.40  Reporting of Communicable Diseases
 Appendix A  Autopsy Rotation Information & Responsibilities
 Appendix B  Morgue Control Sheet
 Appendix C  Decedent Affairs Paperwork (DAP)
 Appendix D  Death Review Summary Sheet
 Appendix E  Consent Forms
 Appendix F  Private Autopsies (Intake Checklist)
 Appendix G  Autopsy Checklist
 Appendix H  LIS Procedures (Autopsy Tissue Block Log Form)
 Appendix J  Newborn
 Appendix K  Forensic Checklists
 Appendix L  Coolpix S10 Camera Operations
 Policy No.  Title
 TOC  Table of Contents
 5.01.00  Document Control System
 5.01.01  Emergency Operations and Staffing
 5.01.02  External Disruption Plan
 5.01.03  Internal Disruptions
 5.01.04  External Disaster
 5.01.05  Internal Disaster
 5.01.06  Handling Suspicious or Threatening Calls
 Appendix A  Emergency Team Organization Chart
 Appendix B  Autopsy Service Directory
 Appendix C  Roles and Responsibilites - Pre-Evacuation
 Appendix D  Off Site Supply Cache
 Appendix E  Emergency Weather Information
 Appendix F  Handling Suspicious or Threatenting Calls Fact Sheet
 Appendix G  Handling Suspicious or Threatening Calls Checklist
 Policy No.  Title
 TOC  Table of Contents
 7.04.00  Document Control System
 7.04.01  Hazardous Chemical Policy
 7.04.02  Glossary of Terms
 7.04.03  Standard Operating Procedures
 7.04.04  Chemical Inventory
 7.04.05  Material Safety Data Sheets
 7.04.06  Storage of Chemicals
 7.04.07  Labeling of Chemical Containers
 7.04.08  Formal Policy Statement
 7.04.09  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
 7.04.10  Contaminated Waste Removal and Disposal
 7.04.11  Administrative Controls/Spill Containment/Risk Assessment
 7.04.12  Medical Consultations and Worker's Compensation
 7.04.13  Chemical Hygiene Officer and Committee
 7.04.14  Training
 7.04.15  Housekeeping, Cleaning and Disinfection
 7.04.16  Record Keeping and Documentation
 7.04.17  References
 Policy No.   Title
 TOC  Table of  Contents
 3.06.00  Document Control System
 3.06.01  General Hazards and Precautions
 3.06.02  Biohazards
 3.06.03  Formaldehyde Monitoring
 3.06.04  Radiation Safety
 3.06.05  Electrical Safety
 3.06.06  Centrifuge Safety
 3.06.07  U.V. Radiation Safety
 3.06.08  Equipment Safety
 3.06.09  Terminal Cleaning
 3.06.10  Hazardous Waste Minimization Program
 3.06.11  Blood Borne Pathogens - HIV; Hepatitis B & C
 3.06.12  Spongiform Encephalopathy's Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease (CJD)
 3.06.13  Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)  & Tuberculosis
 3.06.14  Hearing Conservation Program
 Policy No.  Title
TOC  Table of Contents
 3.09.00  Document Contronl System
 3.09.01  Quality Improvement Program
 3.09.02  Glassware Washing
 3.09.03  Quality of Water
 3.09.04  Inventory Control
 3.09.05  Environmental Control
 3.09.06  Proficiency Testing
 3.09.07  Criteria for Requesting Autopsies
 3.09.08  Eyewash Station
 3.09.09     Scale and Balance Calibration    



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