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Pediatric Ground Rounds

This calendar includes:

Grand Rounds

Ground Rounds are listed on the Pediatric Education Conferences Calendar which is managed on New Innovations, our residency program management software system.  This requires a log-in, but is available to anyone through guest access.

Use your New Innovations log-in...

Guest Access log-in:

institution = utmb
username = pedi
password = pedi

Mortality/Morbidity Conferences

Faculty Meetings

Residency Program Conferences

  • Board Review
  • Continuity Clinic Team Meetings
  • Friday Core Curriculum Conferences
  • Housestaff Meetings
  • Morning Report

Education Committee Meetings

  • Continuing Medical Education Committee
  • Graduate Medical Education Committee
  • Undergraduate Medical Education Committee

For questions or concerns about this schedule, contact V. Niebuhr vniebuhr@utmb.edu


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