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Adolescent & Behavioral Health

Director: Richard Rupp, M.D.
Members: Beth Auslander Ph.D.,William L. Mize, M.D., Virginia Niebuhr Ph.D., Linda Richards LCSW, Martinez Graves, LPC

Adolescent Medicine

Our board-certified Adolescent Medicine specialist provides health care to adolescents through the University Teen Clinic, the school-based clinics of the Teen Health Center, Inc, and the Jerry Esmond Juvenile Justice Center.

Behavioral Health

Our board-certified behavioral-developmental pediatrician, licensed psychologists and psychotherapist provide behavioral health evaluation and treatment for infants, children and teens and their families through Psychology and Behavioral Pediatrics clinics, the school-based clinics of the Teen Health Center Inc, and Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) LAUNCH.

school bell stress Click here for full articleKatherine Adams (2013).  School Bell Stress.  Change Magazine, August 2013, page 30. (Interview with Dr. William Mize, UTMB Pediatrics)

grumpy kids
Katherine Adams (2014).  Even Grumpy Kids Are Welcome. Change Magazine, May 2014, page 28 (Interview with Linda Richards and Irma M. Graves, UTMB Pediatrics)