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Terumi Midoro-Horiuti, M.D., Ph.D.


Clinical and Experimental Immunology and Infectious Disease


Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics





Mailing Address

301 University Blvd, Galveston, TX 77555-0366

Dr. Midori-Horiuti is an Associate Professor in the department of Pediatrics in the division of Clinical and Experimental Immunology and Infectious Disease, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She received her M.D. from Saga Medical School in Japan and her Ph.D. from Okayama University Medical School in Japan. She completed her fellowship at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

She is a Project leader of Multidisciplinary Translational Teams (MTT) at the Institute for Translational Sciences, a Fellow of UTMB Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Women’s Health, a Member of Sealy Center for Vaccine Development and an Associate member, Graduate Faculty, University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Her primary research interests include cedar pollen allergies and environmental estrogen effects on allergy and asthma. She identified, cloned, sequenced and IgE epitopes identified the major allergens of mountain cedar pollen, Jun a 1 and Jun a 3. Her group has crystallized Jun a 1 and modeled Jun a 3, and mapped IgE epitopes. She has been interested in the structure and function of allergens to modify allergic reactions. 

She has expended her research on the effects of environmental estrogen on the development of allergy and allergic diseases. She has found effects of a panel of environmental estrogens on allergy and asthma using the culture cells and animal models. Human epidemiological study starting from cord blood and newborns and mechanistic study are ongoing.

Terumi Midoro-Horiuti, M.D., Ph.D.