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Faculty Career Development

The Department of Pediatrics facilitates the career advancement and satisfaction of UTMB Pediatric faculty, fostering careers of junior faculty, and increasing leadership opportunities for all faculty. Our activities include:

  • A mentoring program
  • Networking opportunities
  • Training and resources



A development program about using technology for education. Faculty have opportunities to develop skills in four focused areas:

  • Instructional Technology
  • Information Searching and Managment
  • Teaching about Electronic Health Record
  • Technology for Personal Effectiveness



The successful development of faculty, especially young faculty, is an integral component of a healthy academic department.  It is the goal of this plan to provide a roadmap of processes and support for this activity. White papers have been produced by various institutional entities documenting the importance of faculty development (the most recent by the Faculty Senate).  It is not the intent of this document to reproduce these explanations but rather to provide information that will make the process involved both comprehensible and available. Click here to download a word document... Or for a PDF document, click the icon below.

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School of Medicine offers

The School of Medicine through its UTMB Office of Educational Development offers consultation and support in the areas of educational research, faculty teaching skills, evaluation and assessment, and curriculum development.

For more information about the Dean of Medicine's appointment, promotion and tenure tracks, click here...

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