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Board Review

Our residency program is committed to providing our residents with resources to help them prepare for their exam to be certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.

Board Review materials on Blackboard

For ~35 content areas, the following have been posted in a secure Blackboard course:
PREP content  specifications
sets of related articles
sets of practice questions

Required Quizzes

Residents are expected to take a board review quiz every three weeks, accessed through Design-a-Case. Each quiz covers an identified ABP content area.  Explanations of the answers are available immediately following a quiz.  Residents compete in teams for highest team score, with monetary rewards quarterly for the highest scoring team.  

Weekly Board Exam Review Session
Every Tuesday noon, residents gather for board exam review, either through team-based learning activities, Board Review Jeopardy, or case-based discussions.

Pedi Board Review Facilitator: Sharon Sanchez, MD
Question Writers: Many of the Departmental Faculty

Board Review schedule