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REQUESTING CONSULTS AND READING CONSULT NOTES: Please call Dr. Cara Geary or Dr. Rafael Fonseca for a Perinatal Hospice Consult at 409-772-2815. Once EPIC is modified, these consults can be requested within our EMR, however a call is appreciated at all times. A consult note will be written within EPIC and direct communication will also occur with care providers either by phone or email.

An appointment will be arranged for your patient to meet with our team. While your patient’s antepartum care plans (ex: birth plan) will be discussed with their OB and MFM care providers, we will discuss options for delivery room and post-partum care of the family. These ‘planning conversations’ often take place during second or third visits with us. We make every effort to coordinate this appointment with other appointments the family has here at UTMB. We will also educate parents as to what they might expect in regards to survival of their baby and what they may see and experience with their baby’s passing. Options for the degree of medical support will be discussed as will options to have extended family, pastoral care, and care managers help the family during their baby’s passing. After the initial visit we will make arrangements to meet again with the family periodically (usually monthly depending on family schedule and other appointments) to help parents cope with their ongoing grief and continue to prepare them for the myriad of details involved in having their experience be the least traumatic as possible.

Once a Post-partum care plan has been developed our team will be available for any questions or concerns the family may have. When Mom arrives for delivery, we will help ensure that the parent’s wishes are understood and do everything we can to make the experience as compassionate as possible. If the baby dies within the hospital, we will help the parents dress and bathe their child, take photos, hand and foot prints and a lock of hair. Parents will also receive some care items such as a small book, “When Hello Means Goodbye”, a keepsake stone and a small teddy bear. Our Neonatology team will help the parents with discussions about autopsy and burial options. If a diagnostic evaluation is needed after birth (such as chromosomes or a muscle biopsy), we will have that communicated clearly in the post-partum birth plan.   
After the family has returned home, they will be supported with cards throughout the year, reminders about the Nationwide Remembrance candle lighting ceremony in October and an invitation to our Annual Children’s Memorial Service in January.

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PLACING A CONSULT: To place a consult, please fill out the information on the PDF file linked below and click submit at the bottom of the page.

Requesting Consults for Perinatal Hospice (PDF): Click here.