About Perinatal Hospice

The loss of a baby, whether in-utero or soon after birth, is the most heart-wrenching experience a parent can encounter. During this time, there is nothing more important than providing families an opportunity to love, celebrate, and grieve for their baby in a supported environment. At UTMB, our mission is to do all we can to provide comfort and empathy to those facing this most difficult time.

UTMB has a long tradition of serving parents struggling with the heartache and grief of having a baby with whom they must say goodbye.  In 2010, our efforts merged under the program, Joan & Garland's Harbor and we began to broaden the support that we provide.  Currently, we are helping Healthcare Providers in our 36 Obstetric Clinics and our Emergency Department provide support for women dealing with miscarriages and in-utero demises. In addition to their high risk Obstetrician (Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist), women learning of lethal fetal diagnosis can be supported by team of Pediatric specialists, Care Management and Pastoral Care providers to find the best way to support their baby and family. Our providers can request a consult via our Electronic Medical Record system or within this website to facilitate the flow of care. This allows for better communication of the Birth Plan and helps support a continuity of care for the families we serve. 

On the inpatient side, families are supported by a team of specially trained physicians, nurse practitioners, pastoral care, and care management professionals. Our additional training ensures that parents receive compassionate care during their stay with UTMB. Because celebrating the baby's life, no matter how short is an important part of this mission, we have also improved our memorabilia program and will continue to hold the Annual Memorial Service.

We are so pleased to introduce this program, and we are indebted to those volunteers, medical providers, and funding agencies that have generously shared their time and resources with Joan and Garland's Harbor. We are proud to offer this level of care and compassion to our patients and their families.


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