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Provost Operations and Fiscal Affairs

Vision Statement:

  • Provide world-class automated service and support in an efficient, proactive, flexible, and dynamic environment promoting excellence in everything that we impact.
  • Everyone will feel like a partner, having an equal opportunity to learn and grow, and understand their impact to the success of the team.
  • We will be viewed as a unique place to work, an organization that drives amazing results while having fun along the way.

The Provost Operations and Fiscal Affairs (POFA) group is responsible for the administrative, fiscal, operational, and strategic functions within the Academic Enterprise and Faculty Group Practice at UTMB. The POFA group consists of 7 teams (banner above) with over 200 employees total. These teams assist in operationalizing the Academic Enterprise budget, work with physicians to ensure patients are billed accurately, partner with departments on developing our goals, and so much more. Our customers include all of the clinical, research, and education departments in the Academic Enterprise, which includes the Schools of Medicine, Health Professions, Nursing, and Biomedical Sciences.



Cameron W. Slocum

Cameron W. Slocum, MBA
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Executive Director, Faculty Group Practice