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time off from work that may be recorded as Scheduled or Unscheduled.

  • Scheduled - supervisor notified of absence 16 hours prior to time scheduled to return to work.
  • Unscheduled notification of an absence anytime less than 16 hours prior to time scheduled to return to work. Excessive unscheduled absences may result in disciplinary action including termination

Scheduled leave or non-illness related situations or elective medical procedures must be submitted for approval in advance and may be disapproved based on staffing needs, operational needs, or frequency of absences. Failure to report to work on a day for which approval of leave has been denied may result in disciplinary action

Job Abandonment when an employee does not report to work and does not contact his/her supervisor for three consecutive work days. Job Abandonment also includes leaving the designated worksite without prior supervisory approval. Occurrences of job abandonment may result in disciplinary action which may include termination.
Tardies / Partial Unscheduled Absence

when employee(s) report to work after the scheduled starting time or leave the work area prior to the end of the scheduled shift without giving 16 hours notice. Each department determines the acceptable standard for tardies and partial unscheduled absences. Tardies and partial absences will be tracked.

Separately from unscheduled leave occurrences and an excessive number of tardies or partial absences may result in disciplinary action based on published departmental policy. It is up to department policy as to whether tardies or partial absences may be made up later in the work week.

Unscheduled Leave Occurrence unscheduled absence of one or more consecutive workdays. Absences of consecutive work days for the same reason are recorded as one occurrence.
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