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Above Ceiling Work (ACW) includes the inspection, repair and installation of pipes, conduits, ducts, cables, wires, pneumatic tubes, and similar building services which take place above existing ceiling levels. It does not include construction activities which occur before the permanent ceiling is installed in areas that are being renovated or in buildings under construction. In the latter cases the above ceiling final inspection addresses the issues covered by this Policy.
ACW Certified Staff personnel that has attended the necessary certification class(es) and has been assigned or contracted to perform work above the ceiling in a UTMB healthcare facility.
Authorizing Representative UTMB representative that has responsibility for obtaining the ACW Permit and overseeing work performed by ACW Certified Staff. Authorizing Representative signs ‘Final Inspection’ on permit to signify that all work has been completed to meet applicable codes/standards and that there has not been any damage caused to the ceiling.
Emergency Work work that is required to be performed in the event of an emergency where it is not feasible to apply for a permit in a timely manner. This work will need to be recorded on a Utility interruption report.
Pre-existing conditions any condition at or above the ceiling level that is found to not be in compliance with UTMB standards and codes. Pre-existing conditions should be reported to FOAM maintenance via a work order request.
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