Campus safety in light of UT Austin tragedy

Friday, Apr 8, 2016

Dr. David L. Callender, President

To the UTMB Community:

I am writing to share with you the news that the deceased homicide victim discovered on the UT Austin campus earlier this week has been positively identified as a freshman student at the school. We are deeply saddened by this tragic loss of life, and we extend our heartfelt sympathies to the student’s family and friends.

We have pledged to our colleagues at UT to help support the students, staff, faculty and police efforts in any way that we can, including the temporary assignment of resources and personnel to Austin, as necessary.

While UTMB has been recognized as one of the safest university campuses in the state, this week’s events at UT Austin have prompted us to re-examine all aspects of our security effort at all of the UTMB campuses and to make adjustments, as warranted.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we all must take an active part in keeping ourselves, our students, our patients and our co-workers safe. As our recently introduced WEAR campaign urges, we ask you to:

  • Consistently and visibly wear your UTMB ID badge, and urge everyone in your areas to do the same. 
  • When you see others without UTMB identification, please ask them if you can help them or direct them to their destination; everyone on our campuses who should be here should also be easily identifiable.
  • Be attuned to and aware of your surroundings as you move through and across our campuses.
  • If you see or hear anything that seems out of the ordinary, please contact University Police immediately at 409-772-1111.

In coming days, we will learn more about the student tragedy in Austin, and we will do all that we can to support our UT family members at UT Austin. Here at home at UTMB, I implore you to be vigilant in keeping yourself—and those around you—safe and secure. Thank you.

Dr. David L. Callender