Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The GNL Community Advisory Board (CAB) supplements the activities of the CLC as a more long-standing and less formally structured group of community citizens who meet on a regular basis at the invitation of the President of UTMB to hear about progress in the infectious disease research programs at the University, including progress in the construction and commissioning of the GNL.

Useful information is mutually shared at these breakfast meetings, which play an important role in informing the community on developments in the University’s biocontainment research programs.


CAB Meeting Dates



  • April 27, 2011
  • August 24, 2011
  • November 4, 2011


  • April 8, 2010
  • August 4, 2010
  • December 8, 2010



  • December 2, 2008
  • May 8, 2008
  • August 20, 2008


  • March 8, 2007
  • June 14, 2007
  • September 6, 2007
  • December 13, 2007


  • June 8, 2006
  • September 21, 2006
  • December 14, 2006


  • January 13, 2005
  • April 28, 2005
  • July 21, 2005

CAB Membership List

Abdul Amin Galveston County League of Women Voters
Bert Bagley Moody Memorial First United Methodist Church
Phyllis Bledsoe Corps of Engineers
Paul Boor UTMB Faculty Senate
Stan Brown Galveston Citizen
John Carstarphen West End Lions Club
Lynne Cleveland Galveston Independent School District
Carolyn Smith Clyburn The House Company
Jackie Cole Galveston City Council Member
Ted Deyo Historic Downtown Strand Partnership
John W. Ford Galveston Independent School District
Mark Guidry Galveston County Health Department
Douglas Guthier First Lutheran Church
Ted Hanley The Jesse Tree
Steve Haustein Corps of Engineers
Michael Jackson St. Vincent ’s House
E.R. Johnson Galveston Evening Lions Club
Dwayne Jones Galveston Historical Foundation, Executive Director
Harris Kempner, Jr. Galveston Economic Development Partnership
James Kessler Temple B’Nai Israel
Steve LeBlanc City of Galveston
Gean Leonard Galveston County Sheriff’s Department
Melanie S. Loving UTMB Support Staff Professionals
Roney McCrary The Rotary Club of Galveston
Robert Mihovil University Area Association, President
Dennis Miller Galveston Citizen
Charles Wiley Chief, Galveston Police Department
Lou Muller Executive Director, Galveston Park Board of Trustees
Norman Pappous President, Galveston Island Pachyderm Club
John Pena Ex-officio Member
Phyllis Pepin Galveston College
Ronald Pogue Trinity Episcopal Church
Gilbert Robinson City of Galveston Fire Department
D. Gale Rogers The Kiwanis Club of Galveston
Fredell Rosen Galveston Citizen
Gilbert Rowe Texas A&M University of Galveston
Steve Salch Galveston Citizen
Barbara Sasser Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund
Lloyd Saunders US Army Corps of Engineers
Jeffrey Sjostrom Galveston Economic Development Partnership
Melody Smith Galveston Convention & Visitors Bureau
Linda Strevell Galveston Alliance of Island Neighborhoods President
Guilio Taglialatela UTMB Faculty Senate—GSBS
Kerry Tillmon Baptist Ministers’ Association
Michael Varela City of Galveston Fire Department
Dana Wiltz-Beckham Galveston County Health District
L. Otis Zapp, Jr. Zapp Realty
Frederick M. Zaunbrecher The Luke Society, Inc.
Jeff Smith City of Galveston Fire Department