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The UTMB, Office of Community Outreach works in collaboration with t he Teen Health Center, Inc. to staff the Teen Health Clinics located at Ball High School, Central Middle School and Austin Middle School in Galveston, as well as Blocker Middle School in Texas City. The clinics provide preventive and primary health and mental health care, health education, and health referrals to students in schools through on-site health centers. During the 2002-2003 school year, clinic personnel provided services to nearly 6,100 clients.

The Galveston Independent School Districts (GISD) has provided a teen health clinic for more than 10 years to students enrolled at Ball High School.  The psychology fellow works in an interdisciplinary team to provide mental and physical health services to Galveston Independent School District students.  Psychological interventions include a thorough assessment of the psychosocial issues involving school and adjustment. 

Galveston's rich tradition of providing quality public education to its children and youth began more than a century ago. In 1881, the citizens of Galveston, authorized by the legislative act of 1879 which specified that all cities of a certain size could initiate and maintain their own school system, organized a public school district and elected a board of trustees. Some 20 teachers were employed to teach students in grades one through seven. Prior to this time, all education in Galveston was private or parochial.


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