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Real-Time PCR Core Facility

Real-Time PCR Probe-Primer Assay(s) Transfer Agreement

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We find that many assays were used barely and will probably be wasted; and/or some PIs just want to test small number of samples for some targets we may have in stock that belong to other PI(s) (owners).

In researchers’ benefits, we transfer the assays on the basis of owners’ agreements. (Any user would not get other’s information through our core facility without owner’s permission.). First we would let owners know the user’s name, the targets that he (she) is interested in and the number of samples. The owners can choose from below three options:

A) If you are interested in cooperation with him (her), we’ll ask him (her) to contact with you.

B) If you don’t want the user to know your information, we would charge $0.7/reaction (the basic cost for the assay) once they brought over the samples and would credit to your account next time you request our service.

C) It doesn’t matter if you just simply say “No”.

Option B would be chosen automatically if we would not get response in 24 hours.

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