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Friends of the ACE Unit

People of all ages are invited to become a "Friend of the ACE Unit". These people are the stars in the constellation of care that makes a difference for elders on the Acute Care for Elders (ACE) unit on the 10th floor of John Sealy Hospital, UTMB. Visit the Department of Internal Medicine - Geriatrics website for more information about the Ace Unit.

What is the ACE Unit?

Established in 2000, the Acute Care for Elderly (ACE) unit is a 20-bed unit that has ben specially designed for the care of elderly patients. An interdisciplinary medical team provides care in this warm, home-like environment.

Who are the volunteers?

Volunteers are seniors serving seniors, UTMB students and other individuals of all ages from the surrounding community.

What do they do?

All volunteers receive training that prepares them to visit with patients and their families. Volunteers are taught how to listen, comfort and encourage patients. They play games, work puzzles, play music or do other activities in the day room. The volunteers enjoy monthly continuing education sessions, celebrations and receive free parking and meal passes.

For further information, contact:

Helen Appelberg, D.Min.
Director of Spirituality in Aging Center
Phone: (409) 266-9682
FAX: (409) 772-8931
E-mail: hwappelb@utmb.edu



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Volunteer for Research
Call the Research Registry at 1 800 298 7015

For more information
please contact:

Roxana Hirst, MS
Recruitment Coordinator
UTMB Claude D. Pepper
Older Americans Independence Center
Sealy Center on Aging
301 University Blvd.
Galveston, Texas 77555-0460

Phone: 800-298-7015
Fax: 409-772-8931
email: rmhirst@utmb.edu


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