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Location and Contact Information

Rebecca Sealy Hospital Building - UTMB Sealy Center of Aging, 6th floorSCoA UTMB Logo
University of Texas Medical Branch
Sealy Center on Aging
301 University Blvd. Galveston, TX 77555-0177
Phone: (409) 747-0008
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The Sealy Center on Aging (SCoA) administration is comprised of the Director Ad Interim and two Associate Directors. In addition, the Center funds a number of directors in specific categories, including the Associate Director of Research and Director of the World Health Organization Pan American Health Organization Collaborating Center on Aging and Health. These individuals also comprise the SCoA Executive Committee. Academic faculty appointments are made through departments.

Dr. VolpiElena Volpi, MD, PhD
Daisy Emery Allen Distinguished Chair in Geriatric Medicine
Director Ad Interim of the Sealy Center on Aging
Director of The Claude Pepper Older American Independence Center

Phone: (409) 772-1977
FAX: (409) 747-3585
E-mail: evolpi@utmb.edu

Dr. OttenbacherKenneth J. Ottenbacher, PhD, OTR
Russell Shearn Moody Distinguished Chair
Associate Director of The Sealy Center on Aging
Professor & Director of The Division of Rehabilitation Sciences

Phone: (409) 266-9664, (409) 747-1635
FAX: (409) 772-1942
E-mail: kottenba@utmb.edu

Dr. WongRebeca Wong, PhD
Peaches & Shrub Kempner Distinguished Professor in Health Disparities
Associate Director of The Sealy Center on Aging
Director of The WHO/ PAHO Collaborating Center on Aging and Health

Phone: (409) 266-9661
Fax: (409) 772-8931
E-mail: rewong@utmb.edu

David Hileman, MBA/MHA
Administrator, Medicine Services
Department of Internal Medicine
Department of Neurology
Sealy Center on Aging
E-mail: mihilema@UTMB.EDU

Stephanie Burt, MS
Administrative Manager
Phone: (409) 266-9675
FAX: (409) 772-8931
E-mail: stburt@utmb.edu

Karl Eschbach, PhD
Director of Population Research
Phone: (409) 266-9680
FAX: (409) 772-8931
E-mail: kaeschba@utmb.edu

Jean Freeman, PhD
Grace Bucksch Gnitzinger Distinguished Professor in Aging
Director of Training
Phone: (409) 266-9657
FAX: (409) 772-8931
E-mail: jfreeman@utmb.edu

Yong-Fang Kuo, PhD
Don W. and Frances Powell Professorship in Aging Research
Director of Biostatistics

Phone: (409) 266-9665
FAX: (409) 772-8931
E-mail: yokuo@utmb.edu

Labros Sidossis, PhD
Director of Obesity Research
Phone: (409) 266-9690
FAX: (409) 772-8931
E-mail: lasidoss@utmb.edu

Sarah Toombs-Smith, PhD
Director of Manuscript Office
Phone: 409) 266-9655
Fax: (409) 772-8931
E-mail: stoombs@utmb.edu

Dong Zhang, PhD
Director of Data Management
Phone: (409) 266-9676
FAX: (409) 772-8931
E-mail: dzhang@utmb.edu

Helen Appelberg, DMin
Director of Spirituality in Aging Center
Phone: (409) 266-9682
FAX: (409) 772-8931
E-mail: hwappelb@utmb.edu

Ritchie Adoue
Director of RSVP of Galveston County
Sealy Center on Aging Learning Center
Phone: 409-266-9660
FAX: (409) 772-8931
E-mail: raadoue@utmb.edu


The primary responsibility of SCoA biostatisticians is to provide statistical support for faculty, pre- and post-doctoral trainees and staff affiliated with the Sealy Center on Aging.

Dr. Yong-Fang KuoYong-Fang Kuo, PhD
Don W. and Frances Powell Professorship in Aging Research
Director of Biostatistics
Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health
The Sealy Center on Aging
Phone: (409) 722-1404
FAX: (409) 772-8931
E-mail: yokuo@utmb.edu

Senior Biostatisticians

Alai Tan MD, PhD
Sealy Center on Aging

Dong D. Zhang, PhD
Sealy Center on Aging


Deepak Adhikari
Surgery - General Surgery

Shuang Li
Sealy Center on Aging

Wei Zhang, MS
Internal Medicine - Pulmonary/Critical Care

Jie Zhou
Sealy Center on Aging

Fellows & Senior Fellows

The Fellows and Senior Fellows of SCoA are UTMB faculty members of any school whose research, clinical care, educational activities, or community efforts involve aging in a meaningful way. A Senior Fellow is an individual of professorial rank who has achieved distinction in research, clinical care, educational and/or community activities relative to Aging. Fellows or Senior Fellows are selected by the SCoA Executive Committee upon nomination by any current Fellow or Senior Fellow of the Sealy Center on Aging. Fellow and Senior Fellows are often affiliated with the Sealy Center on Aging in research or educational collaborations.

The Sealy Center on Aging recognizes individuals who have worked diligently in collaboration with the Center to advance the cause of geriatric research, education, and health care. Through their special efforts, these faculty members, teachers, researchers, community workers, and policy makers have raised the level of awareness of the problems associated with the frail elderly.

Al Snih, Soham Division of Rehab Sciences
Baillargeon, Jacques G. Preventive Medicine and Community Health
Barral, Jose Neuroscience and Cell Biology
Camacho, Maria Internal Medicine - Geriatrics
Chen, Yan Ophthalmology and Visual Science
Curl, Eileen Lamar University
Davis, Jonne Geriatrics - Texas City
DiNuzzo, Anthony Internal Medicine - Geriatrics
Dineley, Kelly Neurology
Du, Xianglin UT Health Science Center at Houston
Durham, William Internal Medicine - Endocrinology
Ellison, Jennifer School of Allied Health Sciences
Ellor, James Baylor University Waco
Englander, Ella Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Fisher, Steve Physical Therapy
Fry, Christopher Nutrition and Metabolism
Galloway, Rebecca Physical Therapy
Giordano, Sharon Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Graham, James Division of Rehab Sciences
Grumbles, Loretta Internal Medicine - Geriatric
Guerrero, Ana Alzheimer's Association
Gutierrez, Jean Nutrition and Metabolism
Holmes, Holly MD Anderson Cancer Center
Hommel, Erin Internal Medicine - Geriatric
Howery, Bret Family Medicine
Jaramillo, Elizabeth Internal Medicine - Geriatric
Jennings, Kristofer PMCH
Ju, Hyunsu PMCH
Karmarkar, Amol Division of Rehab Sciences
Kaushik, Vinod Internal Medicine - Geriatrics
Killewich, Lois Surgery
Kinsky, Michael Anesthesiology
Lyons, Elizabeth Inst for Translational Science
Masel, Meredith PMCH - Oliver Center
Mercado, Anita Internal Medicine - Pulmonary
Michejenko, Bronia ACE Unit
Morey, Oma Office of Education Development
Ottenbacher, Margaret Inst for Translational Science
Rabek, Jeff Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Sanchez-Reilly, Sandra The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Reistetter, Timothy Department of Occupational Therapy
Reyes-Ortiz, Carlos Georgia Southern University
Rotkiewicz-Piorun, Anna Internal Medicine - Geriatrics
Samper Ternent, Rafael Sealy Center on Aging
Shelton, Steve Community Outreach
Szauter, Karen Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology
Taglialatela, Guilio Neuroscience and Cell Biology
Tan, Alai Sealy Center on Aging
Tom, Sarah Preventive Medicine and Community Health
Toombs-Smith, Sarah Sealy Center on Aging
Wirt, Andrea Internal Medicine - Geriatrics
Zhang, Dong Sealy Center on Aging

Senior Fellows
Abate, Nicola L. Internal Medicine - Endocrinology
Appelberg, Helen Sealy Center on Aging
Angel, Jacqueline L. The University of Texas
Berenson, Abbey Obstetrics & Gynecology
Brasier, Allan Internal Medicine - Endocrinology
Brody, Howard Institute of Medical Humanities
Chung, Jin Mo Neuroscience & Cell Biology
Cunningham, Kathryn Pharmacology
Elting, Linda MD Anderson Cancer Center
Eschbach, Karl Internal Medicine - Geriatrics
Freeman, Jean Internal Medicine Geriatrics
Goodwin, James S. Internal Medicine Geriatrics
Hayward, Mark D. The University of Texas
Hellmich, Helen Anesthesiology
Ho,Vivian Rice University
Hummer, Robert A. The University of Texas
Jacobs, Danny O. EVP &Pro Dean of Medicine
Kuo, Yong-Fang Internal Medicine - Geriatrics
Lieberman, Steven Internal Medicine - Endocrinology
Malone, Michael U of Wis. School of Medicine & Public Health
Marion, Rodger (retired) School of Health Professions
Markides, Kyriakos Preventive Medicine and Comm. Health
Mossberg, Kurt Physical Therapy
Ottenbacher, Kenneth School of Health Professions
Paddon-Jones, Douglas Department of Nutrition and Metabolism
Pagan, Jose A. New York Academy of Medicine
Papaconstantinou, John Human Biological Chemistry and Genetics
Peek, Kristen Preventive Medicine and Community Health
Perez-Polo, Regino J. Human Biological Chemistry and Genetics
Powell, Don Internal Medicine- Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Protas, Elizabeth School of Nursing
Raji, Mukaila Internal Medicine - Geriatrics
Rasmussen, Blake Department of Nutrition and Metabolism
Riall, Taylor Surgery
Rounds, Linda R. School of Nursing
Rudkin, Laura Preventive Medicine and Community Health
Sharma, Gulshan Internal Medicine - Pulmonary
Sheffield-Moore, Melinda Internal Medicine - Endocrinology
Sierpina, Victor S. Family Medicine
Sidossis, Labros PhD Internal Medicine -Geriatrics
Sowers, Lawrence Pharmacology
Suarez-Almazor, Maria MD Anderson Cancer Center
Taglialatela, Guilio Neurology
Thompson, Barbara Family Medicine
Thompson, Brad E. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Urban, Randall Chair - Internal Medicine
Volpi, Elena Internal Medicine - Geriatrics
Watson, Pamela School of Medicine
Weller, Susan Preventive Medicine and Comm. Health
Williams, Melanie Texas Cancer Registry, Texas Dept of State Health Services
Wong, Rebeca Preventive Medicine and Comm. Health
Wood, Thomas Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Postdoctoral Fellows and Trainees

The Sealy Center on Aging sponsors several pre- and post-doctoral trainees through fellowships funded by the National Institute on Aging. Research areas include: a) muscle function and sarcopina through the Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center (OAIC) P30-AG24832 or individual R01 research grants; and b) the health of older minorities through the Health of Older Minorities training grant NIH-T32AG00270, the Center for Population Health and Health Disparities (CPHHD) NIH-5P50CA105631, and the Hispanic Established Population for Epidemiologic Studies of the Elderly (HEPESE) AG-10939. Fellows and trainees are encouraged to collaborate with any affiliate involved in muscle function research, minority health and aging in the areas of medical outcomes, health service utilization, social epidemiology, psychosocial stress, and health promotion.

Rachel Deer, PhD
Sealy Center on Aging Post-doctoral Fellow

Brian Downer, PhD
Minority Aging Training, Post-Doctoral Trainee

Sealy Center on Aging Staff

The Sealy Center on Aging Staff provide various support services for SCoA administration and programs.

Ritchie Adoue
Assistant Training Manager / Coordinator
Phone: (409) 266-9660; E-mail: raadoue@utmb.edu

Helen Appelberg, DMin
Pastoral Care Coordinator
Phone: (409) 266-9682; E-mail: hwappelb@utmb.edu

Marilyn Brodwick, MS
Research Associate II
Phone: (409) 266-9689; E-mail: msbrodwi@utmb.edu

Cesar Gonzalez Gonzalez, PhD
Research Scientist III
Phone: (409) 266-9659; E-mail: ceagonza@UTMB.EDU

Shawn Goodlett
Coordinator, Clinical Research
Phone: (409) 772-1982; E-mail: smgoodle@utmb.edu

Roxann Grover, MA
Internet Production Designer
Phone: (409) 266-9650; E-mail: rmgrover@utmb.edu

Roxana Hirst, MS
Assistant Director for Research
Phone: (409) 266-9641; E-mail: rmhirst@utmb.edu

Syed Husaini
Clinical Research Coordinator
Phone: (409) 266-9648; E-mail: shhusain@utmb.edu

Catherine Iliadou
Senior Research Associate
Phone: (409) 770-6631 or (409) 266-9687; E-mail: aiiliado@utmb.edu

Eloisa Martinez
Asst Clinical Research Coordinator
Phone: (409) 266-9643; E-mail: esmartin@utmb.edu

Thomas McKey
Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator
Phone: (409) 266-9644 E-mail: thmckey@utmb.edu

Alejandra Michaels-Obregon
Research Coordinator
Phone: (409) 266-9662; E-mail: almichae@utmb.edu

Adrienne (Mitchell) Shreve
Coordinator II
Phone: (409) 747-5434; E-mail: adrmitch@UTMB.EDU

Paula Skinkis
Clinical Research Coordinator
Phone: (409) 772-1907; E-mail: pskinkis@utmb.edu

Sarah Toombs Smith, PhD
Science Writer / Editor
Phone: (409) 266-9655; E-mail: stoombs@utmb.edu

Oscar Townsel
Coordinator I
Phone: (409) 266-9679; E-mail: omtownse@utmb.edu

Susan Wilson
Research Technician
Phone: (409) 747-2114; E-mail: sujwilso@utmb.edu

Ming-Qian Zheng
Senior Research Associate
Phone: (409) 747-2115; E-mail: mizheng@utmb.edu