The Annual Forum on Aging at UTMB
2013 Forum on Aging Postdoctoral Poster Winners


Poster Title


Parmar, Abhishek

Evaluating Comparative Effectiveness with Observational Data: Endoscopic Ultrasound and Survival in Pancreatic Cancer

Comparative Effectiveness Research

Fongang, Bernard

 A comprehensive study of age-dependence in gene expression in four human tissue types


Diaz-Venegas , Carlos

Gender Differences in the Disablement Process: The Case of Mexico

Health Disparities Research

Vargas, Gabriella

Timing of Chemotherapy and Primary Tumor Resection in Patients with Stage IV Colorectal Cancer

Comparative Effectiveness Research

Singh, Gurinder

Trends in 30-day readmission rates in fee-for-service Medicare beneficiaries with COPD: 2001-2009

Clinical Epidemiology

Lwin, Kyaw

New onset of Bulimia Nervosa in an elderly patient: sustained clinical response to Mirtazapine

Clinical Research

Guerrero-Munoz, Marcos

Amyloid oligomer aggregation state: a common feature of different amyloidogenic proteins in Alzheimer's disease

Neuroscience Research

Markofski, Melissa

Exercise with Amino Acid Intake Increases Muscle Microvascular Perfusion in Older Adults

Clinical Physiology Research

Meena, Ragai

Burn injury associated with domiciliary oxygen use in patients with COPD

Clinical Epidemiology

Challa, Soujanya

Miliary Tuberculosis presenting with laryngeal symptoms in HIV negative male

Clinical Research

2013 Forum on Aging Student Poster Winners


Poster Title


Danquah, Vanessa

Does Emotional Vitality Protect Against Functional Decline? Findings from the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging.

Clinical Research

Kulkarni, Kshitija

Potentially Preventable Hospital Readmissions Following Inpatient Medical Rehabilitation for Surgical Repair of Hip Fracture

Rehabilitation Research

Saenz, Joseph

A Life Course Approach to Mortality in Mexico

Clinical  Epidemiology

Fang, Xiao

Comparing different methods applying propensity score in controlling selection bias for prostate cancer study


Reidy, Paul

Post-exercise leucine-enriched essential amino acid ingestion improves translational capacity in human skeletal muscle of older adults.

Clinical Physiology Research

Barnes, Kevin

The age related GTPASE RHEB regulates synaptic stability

Neuroscience Research

Varma, A.

Prophylactic treatment with monophosphoryl lipid-A(MPLA) - A toll-like receptor-4 (TRL-4) agonist - improves resistance to pseudomonas infection and mortality in young and aged mice following brain injury

Basic Science Research

Briley, David

High resolution volumetric imaging in the Murine Retina

Basic Science Research