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Leadership, EAC, Investigators & Staff

In 2010, the NIA extended Pepper funding into 2015 under a new principal Investigator,
Elena Volpi, MD, PhD.

Leadership/Administrative Core (LAC)

Core Leader: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD
Co-leader: James Goodwin, MD

Research Career Development Core (RCDC)

Core Leader: Kenneth Ottenbacher, PhD, OTR
Co-Leader: Kyriakos Markides, PhD
Co-Leader: James S. Goodwin, MD

Pilot/Exploratory Studies Core (PESC)

Core Leader: Melinda Sheffield-Moore, PhD
Co-Leader: Taylor Riall, MD, PhD

Clinical Research - Resource Core 1 (CR-RC1)

Core Leader: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD
Co-Leader: Douglas Paddon-Jones, PhD
Administrator: Roxana Hirst, MS

Muscle Biology - Resource Core 2 (MB-RC2)

Core Leader: Blake Rasmussen, PhD
Co-Leader: John Papaconstantinou, PhD
Co-Leader: Labros Sidossis, PhD

Pepper External Advisory Committee (EAC)

Current External Advisory Committee Members

  • Neil Alexander, MD, University of Michigan (chair)
  • Stephanie Studenski, MD, University of Pittsburg
  • Richard Allman, MD, University of Alabama, Birmingham
  • Stephen Kritchevsky, PhD, Wake Forest University Health Sciences

Past External Advisory Committee Members

  • Bill Evans, PhD, University of Arkansas
  • Richard Baumgartner, PhD, University of Louisville
  • Neil Alexander, MD, University of Michigan
  • Marco Pahor, MD, University of Florida
  • Lisa Tenover, MD, PhD, Emory University

Pepper Center Support Staff

Stephanie Burt, MS
OAIC Administrator

Roxann Grover, MA
Internet Production Designer, Rehabilitation Sciences Academic Division
and the Sealy Center on Aging


Roxana Hirst, MS
Asst Dir for Research, Sealy Center on Aging

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