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Leadership, EAC, Investigators & Staff

In 2010, the NIA extended Pepper funding into 2015 under a new principal Investigator,
Elena Volpi, MD, PhD.

Leadership/Administrative Core (LAC)

Core Leader: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD [web bio]
Co-leader: James Goodwin, MD [web bio]

Research Career Development Core (RCDC)

Core Leader: Kenneth Ottenbacher, PhD, OTR [web bio]
Co-Leader: Rebeca Wong, PhD [web bio]
Co-Leader: James S. Goodwin, MD [web bio]
Senior Biostatistician: Kristofer Jennings, PhD [web bio]

Pilot/Exploratory Studies Core (PESC)

Core Leader: Melinda Sheffield-Moore, PhD [web bio]
Co-Leader: Taylor Riall, MD, PhD [web bio]

Clinical Research - Resource Core 1 (CR-RC1)

Core Leader: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD [web bio]
Co-Leader: Douglas Paddon-Jones, PhD [web bio]
Administrator: Roxana Hirst, MS [email]

Muscle Biology - Resource Core 2 (MB-RC2)

Core Leader: Blake Rasmussen, PhD [web bio]
Co-Leader: John Papaconstantinou, PhD [web bio]
Co-Leader: Labros Sidossis, PhD [web bio]

Pepper External Advisory Committee (EAC)

Current External Advisory Committee Members

  • Neil Alexander, MD, University of Michigan (chair)
  • Stephanie Studenski, MD, University of Pittsburg
  • Richard Allman, MD, University of Alabama, Birmingham
  • Stephen Kritchevsky, PhD, Wake Forest University Health Sciences

Past External Advisory Committee Members

  • Bill Evans, PhD, University of Arkansas
  • Richard Baumgartner, PhD, University of Louisville
  • Neil Alexander, MD, University of Michigan
  • Marco Pahor, MD, University of Florida
  • Lisa Tenover, MD, PhD, Emory University

Pepper Center Support Staff

Stephanie Burt, MS
OAIC Administrator

Roxann Grover, MA [web bio]
Internet Production Designer, Rehabilitation Sciences Academic Division
and the Sealy Center on Aging


Roxana Hirst, MS
Asst Dir for Research, Sealy Center on Aging

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