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Pepper Center Cores

The UTMB OAIC Pepper Center is made up of five cores:

Leadership/Administrative Core (LAC) »

The Leadership/Administrative Core (LAC) of the UTMB OAIC provides the administration infrastructure for the operation and support of all activities of the Center.

Core Leader: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD
Co-leader: James Goodwin, MD
OAIC Tracking and Evaluation Leader: Jean Freeman, PhD
OAIC Administrator: Stephanie Burt, MS

Research Career Development Core (RCDC) »

The Research Career and Development Core of the UTMB OAIC promotes the development of the next generation of geriatric / gerontologic research leaders through direct financial support for salary and travel, structured mentoring, participation in interdisciplinary conferences, other didactic training, networking activities, and access to infrastructure support from the UTMB OAIC, and other OAICs as appropriate.

Core Leader: Kenneth Ottenbacher, PhD, OTR
Co-Leader: Rebeca Wong, PhD
Co-Leader: James S. Goodwin, MD
Senior Biostatistician: Kristofer Jennings, PhD

Pilot/Exploratory Studies Core (PESC) »

The goal of the Pilot/Exploratory Studies Core (PESC) is to foster the development of innovative research designed to accelerate translation of basic discoveries on the mechanisms of muscle loss and re-growth with aging to clinical practice for the promotion of functional recovery in older adults.

Core Leader: Melinda Sheffield-Moore, PhD
Co-Leader: Taylor Riall, MD, PhD

Clinical Research - Resource Core 1 (CR-RC1) »

The Clinical Research Resource (CR-RC1) Core provides expertise and resources for subject recruitment in aging-related studies proposed by OAIC and other investigators at UTMB.

Core Leader: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD
Co-Leader: Douglas Paddon-Jones, PhD
Administrator: Roxana Hirst, MS

Muscle Biology - Resource Core 2 (MB-RC2) »

The MB-RC2 of the UTMB OAIC supports and promotes integrative and translational research on the biological mechanisms underlying muscle loss and functional recovery in older adults. It provides fundamental analytical services and expertise to explore the biological pathways (genetic, molecular, cellular and metabolic) involved in muscle loss and functional recovery in older adults.

Core Leader: Blake Rasmussen, PhD
Co-Leader: John Papaconstantinou, PhD
Co-Leader: Labros Sidossis, PhD

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