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Clinical Research Resource Core (CR-RC1)

The Clinical Research Resource (CR-RC1) Core provides expertise and resources for subject recruitment in aging-related studies proposed by OAIC and other investigators at UTMB.

The CR-RC1 coordinates and conducts all health screenings, quality of life interviews, physical exams,


functional status assessments (in acutely ill patients and healthy volunteers), medical chart reviews, and performance-based assessments (e.g., muscle strength testing).

Core Leader: Elena Volpi, MD, PhD

Co-Leader: Douglas Paddon-Jones, PhD

Administrator: Roxana Hirst, MS

The Specific Aims of the CR-RC1 are to:

    1. Recruit, track and retain older adults for external projects, developmental studies and pilot studies. Older adults included in Core activities range from healthy older adults living in the community to those hospitalized with an acute illness.
    2. Provide uniform and standardized health screenings, physical exams and functional status and disability assessments for investigators of external projects, developmental studies and pilot studies. As examples, trained staff from our Core will perform phlebotomies, DEXA scans, muscle biopsies, and subjective and objective assessments of physical function and disability status.

    3. Maintain a health outcomes database on older patients admitted to our ACE unit. Recruitment coordinators from our Core will maintain a password protected web-based database on older patients admitted to our ACE unit, and made available to OAIC investigators.

    4. Coordinate training in recruitment and retention, and functional assessments, and ensure compliance regarding the regulations governing clinical investigations involving human subjects.

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