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Muscle Biology Resource Core (MB-RC2)
The MB-RC2 of the UTMB OAIC supports and promotes integrative and translational research on the biological mechanisms underlying muscle loss and functional recovery in older adults. It provides fundamental analytical services and expertise to explore the biological pathways (genetic, molecular, cellular and metabolic) involved in muscle loss and functional recovery in older adults.


These methodologies are essential tools to determine the dynamic changes that occur in muscle of older individuals; quantify the metabolic effects of age, disease and inactivity; and determine the molecular and genetic mechanisms that underlie these changes. An in-depth understanding of the mechanisms of muscle loss and dysfunction provides the basis for treatment, as it allows targeting of specific pathways to enhance muscle re-growth and functional recovery, while also providing objective tools to rapidly assess efficacy of potential treatments.

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Core Leader: Blake Rasmussen, PhD

Co-Leaders: John Papaconstantinou, PhD and Labros Sidossis, PhD

The Specific aims of the MB-RC2 are to:

  1. Provide analytical support for funded translational research in muscle aging requiring genomics, proteomics, molecular, morphological, or tracer methodologies
  2. Develop new translational methods to study the mechanisms of sarcopenia and muscle functional recovery in older adults
  3. Simplify access of OAIC investigators to other institutional analytical core resources
  4. Train young investigators on the analytical and methodological aspects of translational muscle research in older adults

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