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Pilot/Exploratory Studies Core (PESC)
The goal of the Pilot/Exploratory Studies Core (PESC) is to foster the development of innovative research designed to accelerate translation of basic discoveries on the mechanisms of muscle loss and re-growth with aging to clinical practice for the promotion of functional recovery in older adults.

The PESC activities contribute to the overall OAIC theme by identifying and supporting innovative translational research projects focused on understanding the mechanisms of muscle dysfunction and improving muscle function and recovery in older adults. The PESC also provides junior investigators with hands-on mentoring from senior faculty, enables senior faculty to develop parallel research interests related to sarcopenia, and mobilizes our substantial University resources to support research efforts from the bench to clinical trials. Use the links to the left to read more about our current and past projects as well as information on future projects.

Core Leader: Melinda Sheffield-Moore, PhD

Co-leader: Taylor Riall, MD, PhD

The Specific Aims of the PESC are to:

  1. Solicit and select the most meritorious research proposals for PESC funding
  2. Provide PESC investigators with access to resources from other OAIC cores and institutional research facilities/centers
  3. Identify potential opportunities for co-sponsorship of PESC studies
  4. Monitor the progress of PESC studies
  5. Ensure regulatory compliance, safety and protection of human subjects enrolled in PESC studies
  6. Provide assistance and mentorship to develop PESC studies into independently funded grant applications

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