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Scientific Publications

The UTMB OAIC Pepper Center Investigators have authored hundreds of scientific articles:

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2013 Pepper Center Publications

Ahmed, I., Graham, J. E., Karmarkar, A. M., Granger, C. V. and Ottenbacher, K. J. In-patient rehabilitation outcomes following lower extremity fracture in patients with pneumonia. Respir Care. (2013) 58(4): 601-606.  PMCID: PMC3570602

Akimzhanov, A. M., Barral, J. M. and Boehning, D. Caspase 3 cleavage of the inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor does not contribute to apoptotic calcium release. Cell Calcium. (2013) 53(2): 152-158. PMCID: PMC3572306

Bednar, T., Heyde, C. E., Bednar, G., Nguyen, D., Volpi, E. and Przkora, R. Kyphoplasty for vertebral augmentation in the elderly with osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures: Scenarios and review of recent studies. Clin Ther. (2013) PMID: 24139093

Butteiger, D. N., Cope, M., Liu, P., Mukherjea, R., Volpi, E., Rasmussen, B. B. and Krul, E. S. A soy, whey and caseinate blend extends postprandial skeletal muscle protein synthesis in rats. Clin Nutr. (2013) 32(4): 585-591. PMID: 23127543

Choudhary, S., Kalita, M., Fang, L., Patel, K. V., Tian, B., Zhao, Y., Edeh, C. B. and Brasier, A. R. Inducible tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor-associated factor-1 expression couples the canonical to the non-canonical NF-kappaB pathway in TNF stimulation. J Biol Chem. (2013) 288(20): 14612-14623. PMCID: PMC3656313

Dickinson, J. M., Drummond, M. J., Coben, J. R., Volpi, E. and Rasmussen, B. B. Aging differentially affects human skeletal muscle amino acid transporter expression when essential amino acids are ingested after exercise. Clin Nutr. (2013) 32(2): 273-280. PMCID: PMC3517689

Dickinson, J. M., Drummond, M. J., Fry, C. S., Gundermann, D. M., Walker, D. K., Timmerman, K. L., Volpi, E. and Rasmussen, B. B. Rapamycin does not affect post-absorptive protein metabolism in human skeletal muscle. Metabolism. (2013) 62(1): 144-151. PMCID: PMC3680880

Dickinson, J. M., Volpi, E. and Rasmussen, B. B. Exercise and nutrition to target protein synthesis impairments in aging skeletal muscle. Exerc Sport Sci Rev. (2013) 41(4): 216-223. PMCID: PMC3790587

Drummond, M. J., Timmerman, K. L., Markofski, M. M., Walker, D. K., Dickinson, J. M., Jamaluddin, M., Brasier, A. R., Rasmussen, B. B. and Volpi, E. Short-term bed rest increases TLR4 and IL-6 expression in skeletal muscle of older adults. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. (2013) 305(3): R216-223. PMCID: PMC3743002

El Ayadi, A., Stieren, E. S., Barral, J. M. and Boehning, D. Ubiquilin-1 and protein quality control in Alzheimer disease. Prion. (2013) 7(2): 164-169. PMCID: PMC3609125

Fisher, S. R., Kuo, Y. F., Sharma, G., Raji, M. A., Kumar, A., Goodwin, J. S., Ostir, G. V. and Ottenbacher, K. J. Mobility after hospital discharge as a marker for 30-day readmission. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. (2013) 68(7): 805-810. PMCID: PMC3674716

Fry, C. S., Drummond, M. J., Glynn, E. L., Dickinson, J. M., Gundermann, D. M., Timmerman, K. L., Walker, D. K., Volpi, E. and Rasmussen, B. B. Skeletal muscle autophagy and protein breakdown following resistance exercise are similar in younger and older adults. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. (2013) 68(5): 599-607. PMCID: PMC3623482

Glynn, E. L., Fry, C. S., Timmerman, K. L., Drummond, M. J., Volpi, E. and Rasmussen, B. B. Addition of carbohydrate or alanine to an essential amino acid mixture does not enhance human skeletal muscle protein anabolism. J Nutr. (2013) 143(3): 307-314. PMCID: PMC3713020

Goodwin, J. S., Lin, Y. L., Singh, S. and Kuo, Y. F. Variation in length of stay and outcomes among hospitalized patients attributable to hospitals and hospitalists. J Gen Intern Med. (2013) 28(3): 370-376. PMCID: PMC3579964

Kuo, Y. F., Raji, M. A. and Goodwin, J. S. Association between proportion of provider clinical effort in nursing homes and potentially avoidable hospitalizations and medical costs of nursing home residents. J Am Geriatr Soc. (2013) 61(10): 1750-1757. PMCID: PMC3797177

Lyons, E. J. and Hatkevich, C. Prevalence of behavior changing strategies in fitness video games: Theory-based content analysis. J Med Internet Res. (2013) 15(5): e81. PMCID: PMC3650924

Lyons, E. J., Tate, D. F., Ward, D. S., Ribisl, K. M., Bowling, J. M. and Kalyanaraman, S. Engagement, enjoyment, and energy expenditure during active video game play. Health Psychol. (2013).  PMID: 23527520

Markofski, M. M., Carrillo, A. E., Timmerman, K. L., Jennings, K., Coen, P. M., Pence, B. D. and Flynn, M. G. Exercise training modifies ghrelin and adiponectin concentrations and is related to inflammation in older adults. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. (2013). PMID: 24013674

Ostir, G. V., Berges, I. M., Kuo, Y. F., Goodwin, J. S., Fisher, S. R. and Guralnik, J. M. Mobility activity and its value as a prognostic indicator of survival in hospitalized older adults. J Am Geriatr Soc. (2013) 61(4): 551-557. PMCID: PMC3628089

Paddon-Jones, D. Perspective: Exercise and protein supplementation in frail elders. J Am Med Dir Assoc. (2013) 14(1): 73-74. PMID: 23128025

Porter, C., Børsheim, E. and Sidossis, L. S. Does adipose tissue thermogenesis play a role in metabolic health? J Obes. (2013) 2013(204094. PMCID: PMC3652160

Reidy, P. T., Walker, D. K., Dickinson, J. M., Gundermann, D. M., Drummond, M. J., Timmerman, K. L., Fry, C. S., Borack, M. S., Cope, M. B., Mukherjea, R., Jennings, K., Volpi, E. and Rasmussen, B. B. Protein blend ingestion following resistance exercise promotes human muscle protein synthesis. J Nutr. (2013) 143(4): 410-416. PMCID: PMC3738242

Reistetter, T. A., Karmarkar, A. M., Graham, J. E., Eschbach, K., Kuo, Y. F., Granger, C. V., Freeman, J. and Ottenbacher, K. J. Regional variation in stroke rehabilitation outcomes. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. (2013). PMID: 23921200

Runzer-Colmenares, F. M., Samper-Ternent, R., Al Snih, S., Ottenbacher, K. J., Parodi, J. F. and Wong, R. Prevalence and factors associated with frailty among Peruvian older adults. Arch Gerontol Geriatr. (2013). PMCID: PMC3808461

Sheffield-Moore, M., Dillon, E. L., Randolph, K. M., Casperson, S. L., White, G. R., Jennings, K., Rathmacher, J., Schuette, S., Janghorbani, M., Urban, R. J., Hoang, V., Willis, M. and Durham, W. J. Isotopic decay of urinary or plasma 3-methylhistidine as a potential biomarker of pathologic skeletal muscle loss. J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle. (2013). PMID: 24009031

Szczesny, B., Olah, G., Walker, D. K., Volpi, E., Rasmussen, B. B., Szabo, C. and Mitra, S. Deficiency in repair of the mitochondrial genome sensitizes proliferating myoblasts to oxidative damage. PLoS One. (2013) 8(9): e75201. PMCID: PMC3774773

Volpi, E., Campbell, W. W., Dwyer, J. T., Johnson, M. A., Jensen, G. L., Morley, J. E. and Wolfe, R. R. Is the optimal level of protein intake for older adults greater than the recommended dietary allowance? J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. (2013) 68(6): 677-681. PMCID: PMC3660117

Zhou, M., Guo, J., Cha, J., Chae, M., Chen, S., Barral, J. M., Sachs, M. S. and Liu, Y. Non-optimal codon usage affects expression, structure and function of clock protein FRQ. Nature. (2013) 495(7439): 111-115. PMCID: PMC3629845


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