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Scientific Publications

The UTMB OAIC Pepper Center Investigators have authored hundreds of scientific articles:


2002 Pepper Center Publications
  1. Al Snih S, Markides KS, Ray L, Ostir GV, Goodwin JS. Handgrip strength and mortality in older Mexican Americans. J Am Geriatr Soc. Jul 2002;50(7):1250-1256, PMID: 12133020.
  2. Brill KT, Weltman AL, Gentili A, Patrie JT, Fryburg DA, Hanks JB, Urban RJ, Veldhuis JD. Single and combined effects of growth hormone and testosterone administration on measures of body composition, physical performance, mood, sexual function, bone turnover, and muscle gene expression in healthy older men. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. Dec 2002;87(12):5649-5657, PMID: 12466367.
  3. Du XL, Osborne C, Goodwin JS. Population-based assessment of hospitalizations for toxicity from chemotherapy in older women with breast cancer. J Clin Oncol. Dec 15 2002;20(24):4636-4642, PMID: 12488407, PMCID: PMC2566741.
  4. Ferrando AA, Paddon-Jones D, Wolfe RR. Alterations in protein metabolism during space flight and inactivity. Nutrition. Oct 2002;18(10):837-841, PMID: 12361775.
  5. Ferrando AA, Sheffield-Moore M, Yeckel CW, Gilkison C, Jiang J, Achacosa A, Lieberman SA, Tipton K, Wolfe RR, Urban RJ. Testosterone administration to older men improves muscle function: molecular and physiological mechanisms. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. Mar 2002;282(3):E601-607, PMID: 11832363.
  6. Flurkey K, Papaconstantinou J, Harrison DE. The Snell dwarf mutation Pit1(dw) can increase life span in mice. Mech Ageing Dev. Jan 2002;123(2-3):121-130, PMID: 11718806.
  7. Gardner AW, Killewich LA. Association between physical activity and endogenous fibrinolysis in peripheral arterial disease: a cross-sectional study. Angiology. Jul-Aug 2002;53(4):367-374, PMID: 12143940.
  8. Goodwin JS, Freeman JL, Mahnken JD, Freeman DH, Nattinger AB. Geographic variations in breast cancer survival among older women: implications for quality of breast cancer care. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. Jun 2002;57(6):M401-406, PMID: 12023271.
  9. Gore DC, Chinkes DL, Hart DW, Wolf SE, Herndon DN, Sanford AP. Hyperglycemia exacerbates muscle protein catabolism in burn-injured patients. Crit Care Med. Nov 2002;30(11):2438-2442, PMID: 12441751.
  10. Greer AL, Goodwin JS, Freeman JL, Wu ZH. Bringing the patient back in. Guidelines, practice variations, and the social context of medical practice. Int J Technol Assess Health Care. Fall 2002;18(4):747-761, PMID: 12602076.
  11. Hsieh CC, DeFord JH, Flurkey K, Harrison DE, Papaconstantinou J. Effects of the Pit1 mutation on the insulin signaling pathway: implications on the longevity of the long-lived Snell dwarf mouse. Mech Ageing Dev. May 2002;123(9):1245-1255, PMID: 12020946.
  12. Hsieh CC, DeFord JH, Flurkey K, Harrison DE, Papaconstantinou J. Implications for the insulin signaling pathway in Snell dwarf mouse longevity: a similarity with the C. elegans longevity paradigm. Mech Ageing Dev. May 2002;123(9):1229-1244, PMID: 12020945.
  13. Hsieh CC, Papaconstantinou J. The effect of aging on p38 signaling pathway activity in the mouse liver and in response to ROS generated by 3-nitropropionic acid. Mech Ageing Dev. Sep 2002;123(11):1423-1435, PMID: 12425949.
  14. Kuninger DT, Izumi T, Papaconstantinou J, Mitra S. Human AP-endonuclease 1 and hnRNP-L interact with a nCaRE-like repressor element in the AP-endonuclease 1 promoter. Nucleic Acids Res. Feb 1 2002;30(3):823-829, PMID: 11809897, PMCID: PMC100287.
  15. Ostir GV, Goodwin JS, Markides KS, Ottenbacher KJ, Balfour J, Guralnik JM. Differential effects of premorbid physical and emotional health on recovery from acute events. J Am Geriatr Soc. Apr 2002;50(4):713-718, PMID: 11982673.
  16. Ottenbacher KJ, Branch LG, Ray L, Gonzales VA, Peek MK, Hinman MR. The reliability of upper- and lower-extremity strength testing in a community survey of older adults. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. Oct 2002;83(10):1423-1427, PMID: 12370879.
  17. Ottenbacher KJ, Ostir GV, Peek MK, Goodwin JS, Markides KS. Diabetes mellitus as a risk factor for hip fracture in mexican american older adults. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. Oct 2002;57(10):M648-653, PMID: 12242318.
  18. Raji MA, Ostir GV, Markides KS, Goodwin JS. The interaction of cognitive and emotional status on subsequent physical functioning in older mexican americans: findings from the Hispanic established population for the epidemiologic study of the elderly. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. Oct 2002;57(10):M678-682, PMID: 12242324.
  19. Randolph WM, Goodwin JS, Mahnken JD, Freeman JL. Regular mammography use is associated with elimination of age-related disparities in size and stage of breast cancer at diagnosis. Ann Intern Med. Nov 19 2002;137(10):783-790, PMID: 12435214.
  20. Rasmussen BB, Holmback UC, Volpi E, Morio-Liondore B, Paddon-Jones D, Wolfe RR. Malonyl coenzyme A and the regulation of functional carnitine palmitoyltransferase-1 activity and fat oxidation in human skeletal muscle. J Clin Invest. Dec 2002;110(11):1687-1693, PMID: 12464674, PMCID: PMC151631.
  21. Rasmussen BB, Wolfe RR, Volpi E. Oral and intravenously administered amino acids produce similar effects on muscle protein synthesis in the elderly. J Nutr Health Aging. 2002;6(6):358-362, PMID: 12459885, PMCID: PMC3192451.
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  23. Zhang XJ, Chinkes DL, Wolfe RR. Measurement of muscle protein fractional synthesis and breakdown rates from a pulse tracer injection. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. Oct 2002;283(4):E753-764, PMID: 12217893.


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