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Scientific Publications

The UTMB OAIC Pepper Center Investigators have authored hundreds of scientific articles:


2009 Pepper Center Publications
  1. Al Snih S, Graham JE, Ray LA, Samper-Ternent R, Markides KS, Ottenbacher KJ. Frailty and incidence of activities of daily living disability among older Mexican Americans. J Rehabil Med. Nov 2009;41(11):892-897, PMID: 19841840, PMCID: PMC2795390.
  2. Baregamian N, Song J, Bailey CE, Papaconstantinou J, Evers BM, Chung DH. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha and apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 control reactive oxygen species release, mitochondrial autophagy, and c-Jun N-terminal kinase/p38 phosphorylation during necrotizing enterocolitis. Oxid Med Cell Longev. Nov-Dec 2009;2(5):297-306, PMID: 20716917, PMCID: PMC2835918.
  3. Borsheim E, Bui QU, Tissier S, Cree MG, Ronsen O, Morio B, Ferrando AA, Kobayashi H, Newcomer BR, Wolfe RR. Amino acid supplementation decreases plasma and liver triacylglycerols in elderly. Nutrition. Mar 2009;25(3):281-288, PMID: 19041223, PMCID: PMC2696073.
  4. Bryant MS, Rintala DH, Lai EC, Protas EJ. An evaluation of self-administration of auditory cueing to improve gait in people with Parkinson's disease. Clin Rehabil. Dec 2009;23(12):1078-1085, PMID: 19786421, PMCID.
  5. Bryant MS, Rintala DH, Lai EC, Raines ML, Protas EJ. Evaluation of a new device to prevent falls in persons with Parkinson's disease. Disabil Rehabil Assist Technol. Sep 2009;4(5):357-363, PMID: 19565381, PMCID: PMC2877128.
  6. Copland JA, Sheffield-Moore M, Koldzic-Zivanovic N, Gentry S, Lamprou G, Tzortzatou-Stathopoulou F, Zoumpourlis V, Urban RJ, Vlahopoulos SA. Sex steroid receptors in skeletal differentiation and epithelial neoplasia: is tissue-specific intervention possible? Bioessays. Jun 2009;31(6):629-641, PMID: 19382224.
  7. Deford JH, Nuss JE, Amaning J, English RD, Tjernlund D, Papaconstantinou J. High-throughput liquid-liquid fractionation of multiple protein post-translational modifications. J Proteome Res. Feb 2009;8(2):907-916, PMID: 19099502, PMCID: PMC2684065.
  8. Dillon EL, Janghorbani M, Angel JA, Casperson SL, Grady JJ, Urban RJ, Volpi E, Sheffield-Moore M. Novel noninvasive breath test method for screening individuals at risk for diabetes. Diabetes Care. Mar 2009;32(3):430-435, PMID: 19074994, PMCID: PMC2646023.
  9. Dillon EL, Sheffield-Moore M, Paddon-Jones D, Gilkison C, Sanford AP, Casperson SL, Jiang J, Chinkes DL, Urban RJ. Amino acid supplementation increases lean body mass, basal muscle protein synthesis, and insulin-like growth factor-I expression in older women. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. May 2009;94(5):1630-1637, PMID: 19208731, PMCID: PMC2684480.
  10. Drummond MJ, Dreyer HC, Fry CS, Glynn EL, Rasmussen BB. Nutritional and contractile regulation of human skeletal muscle protein synthesis and mTORC1 signaling. J Appl Physiol. Apr 2009;106(4):1374-1384, PMID: 19150856, PMCID: PMC2698645.
  11. Drummond MJ, Fry CS, Glynn EL, Dreyer HC, Dhanani S, Timmerman KL, Volpi E, Rasmussen BB. Rapamycin administration in humans blocks the contraction-induced increase in skeletal muscle protein synthesis. J Physiol. Apr 1 2009;587(Pt 7):1535-1546, PMID: 19188252, PMCID: PMC2678224.
  12. Drummond MJ, Miyazaki M, Dreyer HC, Pennings B, Dhanani S, Volpi E, Esser KA, Rasmussen BB. Expression of growth-related genes in young and older human skeletal muscle following an acute stimulation of protein synthesis. J Appl Physiol. Apr 2009;106(4):1403-1411, PMID: 18787087, PMCID: PMC2698637.
  13. Durham WJ, Dillon EL, Sheffield-Moore M. Inflammatory burden and amino acid metabolism in cancer cachexia. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care. Jan 2009;12(1):72-77, PMID: 19057191, PMCID: PMC2742684.
  14. Fisher S, Ottenbacher KJ, Goodwin JS, Graham JE, Ostir GV. Short Physical Performance Battery in hospitalized older adults. Aging Clin Exp Res. Dec 2009;21(6):445-452, PMID: 20154514, PMCID: PMC2822997.
  15. Fisher SR, Ottenbacher KJ, Goodwin JS, Ostir GV. Chair rise ability and length of stay in hospitalized older adults. J Am Geriatr Soc. Oct 2009;57(10):1938-1940, PMID: 19807796, PMCID: PMC2902260.
  16. Fujita S, Dreyer HC, Drummond MJ, Glynn EL, Volpi E, Rasmussen BB. Essential amino acid and carbohydrate ingestion before resistance exercise does not enhance postexercise muscle protein synthesis. J Appl Physiol. May 2009;106(5):1730-1739, PMID: 18535123, PMCID: PMC2681328.
  17. Fujita S, Glynn EL, Timmerman KL, Rasmussen BB, Volpi E. Supraphysiological hyperinsulinaemia is necessary to stimulate skeletal muscle protein anabolism in older adults: evidence of a true age-related insulin resistance of muscle protein metabolism. Diabetologia. Sep 2009;52(9):1889-1898, PMID: 19588121, PMCID: PMC2843438.
  18. Hsieh CC, Papaconstantinou J. Dermal fibroblasts from long-lived Ames dwarf mice maintain their in vivo resistance to mitochondrial generated reactive oxygen species (ROS). Aging (Albany NY). Sep 2009;1(9):784-802, PMID: 20157567, PMCID: PMC2815737.
  19. Ketchandji M, Kuo YF, Shahinian VB, Goodwin JS. Cause of death in older men after the diagnosis of prostate cancer. J Am Geriatr Soc. Jan 2009;57(1):24-30, PMID: 19054189, PMCID: PMC2956511.
  20. Kuo YF, Sharma G, Freeman JL, Goodwin JS. Growth in the care of older patients by hospitalists in the United States. N Engl J Med. Mar 12 2009;360(11):1102-1112, PMID: 19279342, PMCID: PMC2977939.
  21. Lackan NA, Eschbach K, Stimpson JP, Freeman JL, Goodwin JS. Ethnic differences in in-hospital place of death among older adults in California: effects of individual and contextual characteristics and medical resource supply. Med Care. Feb 2009;47(2):138-145, PMID: 19169113.
  22. Nuss JE, Amaning JK, Bailey CE, DeFord JH, Dimayuga VL, Rabek JP, Papaconstantinou J. Oxidative modification and aggregation of creatine kinase from aged mouse skeletal muscle. Aging (Albany NY). Jun 2009;1(6):557-572, PMID: 20195383, PMCID: PMC2830079.
  23. Paddon-Jones D, Rasmussen BB. Dietary protein recommendations and the prevention of sarcopenia. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care. Jan 2009;12(1):86-90, PMID: 19057193, PMCID: PMC2760315.
  24. Papaconstantinou J. Insulin/IGF-1 and ROS signaling pathway cross-talk in aging and longevity determination. Mol Cell Endocrinol. Feb 5 2009;299(1):89-100, PMID: 19103250, PMCID: PMC2873688.
  25. Protas EJ, Tissier S. Strength and speed training for elders with mobility disability. J Aging Phys Act. Jul 2009;17(3):257-271, PMID: 19799099, PMCID: PMC2877134.
  26. Rabek JP, Hafer-Macko CE, Amaning JK, Deford JH, Dimayuga VL, Madsen MA, Macko RF, Papaconstantinou J. A proteomics analysis of the effects of chronic hemiparetic stroke on troponin T expression in human vastus lateralis. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. Aug 2009;64(8):839-849, PMID: 19447848, PMCID: PMC2981463.
  27. Raji MA, Tamborello LP, Kuo YF, Ju H, Freeman JL, Zhang DD, Giordano SH, Goodwin JS. Risk of subsequent dementia diagnoses does not vary by types of adjuvant chemotherapy in older women with breast cancer. Med Oncol. Dec 2009;26(4):452-459, PMID: 19067255, PMCID: PMC3079442.
  28. Rasmussen BB, Richter EA. The balancing act between the cellular processes of protein synthesis and breakdown: exercise as a model to understand the molecular mechanisms regulating muscle mass. J Appl Physiol. Apr 2009;106(4):1365-1366, PMID: 19179654.
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  30. Sharma G, Freeman J, Zhang D, Goodwin JS. Continuity of care and intensive care unit use at the end of life. Arch Intern Med. Jan 12 2009;169(1):81-86, PMID: 19139328, PMCID: PMC2745737.
  31. Symons TB, Sheffield-Moore M, Chinkes DL, Ferrando AA, Paddon-Jones D. Artificial gravity maintains skeletal muscle protein synthesis during 21 days of simulated microgravity. J Appl Physiol. Jul 2009;107(1):34-38, PMID: 19390002, PMCID: PMC2711793.
  32. Symons TB, Sheffield-Moore M, Wolfe RR, Paddon-Jones D. A moderate serving of high-quality protein maximally stimulates skeletal muscle protein synthesis in young and elderly subjects. J Am Diet Assoc. Sep 2009;109(9):1582-1586, PMID: 19699838, PMCID: PMC3197704.
  33. Tsai P, Beck C, Chang J, Hagen J, Anand S, Kuo Y, Beuscher L. The feasibility of implementing tai chi for nursing home residents with knee osteoarthritis and cognitive impairment. Activities Directors' Quarterly for Alzheimer's & Other Dementia Patients. 2009;10(1):9-17.
  34. Tsai PF, Beck C, Chang JY, Hagen J, Kuo YF, Roberson PK, Rosengren K, Beuscher L, Doan CL, Anand KJ. The effect of tai chi on knee osteoarthritis pain in cognitively impaired elders: pilot study. Geriatr Nurs. Mar-Apr 2009;30(2):132-139, PMID: 19345855, PMCID: PMC2748759.



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