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Scientific Publications

The UTMB OAIC Pepper Center Investigators have authored hundreds of scientific articles:

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2010 Pepper Center Publications

Al Snih, S., Graham, J. E., Kuo, Y. F., Goodwin, J. S., Markides, K. S. and Ottenbacher, K. J. Obesity and disability: Relation among older adults living in Latin America and the Caribbean. Am J Epidemiol. (2010) 171(12): 1282-1288.  PMCID: PMC2915495

Anderson, J. F., Siller, E. and Barral, J. M. The sacsin repeating region (sSRR): A novel Hsp90-related supra-domain associated with neurodegeneration. J Mol Biol. (2010) 400(4): 665-674.  PMID: 20488193

Beard, H. A., Markides, K. S., Al Ghatrif, M., Kuo, Y. F. and Raji, M. A. Trends in diabetes medication use and prevalence of geriatric syndromes in older Mexican Americans from 1993/1994 to 2004/2005. Ann Pharmacother. (2010) 44(9): 1376-1383.  PMCID: PMC3032629

Børsheim, E., Chinkes, D. L., McEntire, S. J., Rodriguez, N. R., Herndon, D. N. and Suman, O. E. Whole body protein kinetics measured with a non-invasive method in severely burned children. Burns. (2010) 36(7): 1006-1012.  PMCID: PMC2948638

Bryant, M. S., Rintala, D. H., Lai, E. C. and Protas, E. J. An investigation of two interventions for micrographia in individuals with Parkinson's disease. Clin Rehabil. (2010) 24(11): 1021-1026.  PMID: 20554637

Bryant, M. S., Rintala, D. H., Lai, E. C. and Protas, E. J. A pilot study: Influence of visual cue color on freezing of gait in persons with Parkinson's disease. Disabil Rehabil Assist Technol. (2010) 5(6): 456-461.  PMID: 20545563

Dillon, E. L., Durham, W. J., Urban, R. J. and Sheffield-Moore, M. Hormone treatment and muscle anabolism during aging: Androgens. Clin Nutr. (2010) 29(6): 697-700.  PMCID: PMC2964430

Dreyer, H. C., Fujita, S., Glynn, E. L., Drummond, M. J., Volpi, E. and Rasmussen, B. B. Resistance exercise increases leg muscle protein synthesis and mTOR signalling independent of sex. Acta Physiol (Oxf). (2010) 199(1): 71-81.  PMCID: PMC2881180

Drummond, M. J. Micrornas and exercise-induced skeletal muscle adaptations. J Physiol. (2010) 588(Pt 20): 3849-3850.  PMCID: PMC3000575

Drummond, M. J., Conlee, R. K., Mack, G. W., Sudweeks, S., Schaalje, G. B. and Parcell, A. C. Myogenic regulatory factor response to resistance exercise volume in skeletal muscle. Eur J Appl Physiol. (2010) 108(4): 771-778.  PMID: 20187282

Drummond, M. J., Glynn, E. L., Fry, C. S., Timmerman, K. L., Volpi, E. and Rasmussen, B. B. An increase in essential amino acid availability upregulates amino acid transporter expression in human skeletal muscle. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. (2010) 298(5): E1011-1018. PMCID: PMC2867366

Durham, W. J., Casperson, S. L., Dillon, E. L., Keske, M. A., Paddon-Jones, D., Sanford, A. P., Hickner, R. C., Grady, J. J. and Sheffield-Moore, M. Age-related anabolic resistance after endurance-type exercise in healthy humans. FASEB J. (2010) 24(10): 4117-4127.  PMCID: PMC2996901

English, K. L. and Paddon-Jones, D. Protecting muscle mass and function in older adults during bed rest. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care. (2010) 13(1): 34-39.  PMCID: PMC3276215

Ferrando, A. A., Paddon-Jones, D., Hays, N. P., Kortebein, P., Ronsen, O., Williams, R. H., McComb, A., Symons, T. B., Wolfe, R. R. and Evans, W. EAA supplementation to increase nitrogen intake improves muscle function during bed rest in the elderly. Clin Nutr. (2010) 29(1): 18-23.  PMID: 19419806

Fisher, S. R., Kuo, Y. F., Graham, J. E., Ottenbacher, K. J. and Ostir, G. V. Early ambulation and length of stay in older adults hospitalized for acute illness. Arch Intern Med. (2010) 170(21): 1942-1943.  PMCID: PMC3136816

Fry, C. S., Glynn, E. L., Drummond, M. J., Timmerman, K. L., Fujita, S., Abe, T., Dhanani, S., Volpi, E. and Rasmussen, B. B. Blood flow restriction exercise stimulates mTORC1 signaling and muscle protein synthesis in older men. J Appl Physiol. (2010) 108(5): 1199-1209.  PMCID: PMC2867530

Glynn, E. L., Fry, C. S., Drummond, M. J., Dreyer, H. C., Dhanani, S., Volpi, E. and Rasmussen, B. B. Muscle protein breakdown has a minor role in the protein anabolic response to essential amino acid and carbohydrate intake following resistance exercise. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. (2010) 299(2): R533-540.  PMCID: PMC2928613

Glynn, E. L., Fry, C. S., Drummond, M. J., Timmerman, K. L., Dhanani, S., Volpi, E. and Rasmussen, B. B. Excess leucine intake enhances muscle anabolic signaling but not net protein anabolism in young men and women. J Nutr. (2010) 140(11): 1970-1976.  PMCID: PMC2955876

Graham, J. E., Fisher, S. R., Berges, I. M., Kuo, Y. F. and Ostir, G. V. Walking speed threshold for classifying walking independence in hospitalized older adults. Phys Ther. (2010) 90(11): 1591-1597.  PMCID: PMC2967707

Hsieh, C. C., Kuro-o, M., Rosenblatt, K. P., Brobey, R. and Papaconstantinou, J. The ASK1-signalosome regulates p38 MAPK activity in response to levels of endogenous oxidative stress in the Klotho mouse models of aging. Aging (Albany NY). (2010) 2(9): 597-611. PMCID: PMC2984608

Kuo, Y. F. and Goodwin, J. S. Impact of hospitalists on length of stay in the Medicare population: Variation according to hospital and patient characteristics. J Am Geriatr Soc. (2010) 58(9): 1649-1657.  PMCID: PMC2946246

Liu, H., Chen, S. E., Jin, B., Carson, J. A., Niu, A., Durham, W., Lai, J. Y. and Li, Y. P. TIMP3: A physiological regulator of adult myogenesis. J Cell Sci. (2010) 123(Pt 17): 2914-2921.  PMCID: PMC2923569

Papaconstantinou, J. and Hsieh, C. C. Activation of senescence and aging characteristics by mitochondrially generated ROS: How are they linked? Cell Cycle. (2010) 9(19): 3831-3833.  PMCID: PMC2975432

Phillips, M. D., Flynn, M. G., McFarlin, B. K., Stewart, L. K. and Timmerman, K. L. Resistance training at eight-repetition maximum reduces the inflammatory milieu in elderly women. Med Sci Sports Exerc. (2010) 42(2): 314-325.  PMID: 19927028

Sharma, G., Kuo, Y. F., Freeman, J., Zhang, D. D. and Goodwin, J. S. Comanagement of hospitalized surgical patients by medicine physicians in the United States. Arch Intern Med. (2010) 170(4): 363-368.  PMCID: PMC2843086

Sharma, G., Kuo, Y. F., Freeman, J. L., Zhang, D. D. and Goodwin, J. S. Outpatient follow-up visit and 30-day emergency department visit and readmission in patients hospitalized for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Arch Intern Med. (2010) 170(18): 1664-1670.  PMCID: PMC2977945

Siller, E., DeZwaan, D. C., Anderson, J. F., Freeman, B. C. and Barral, J. M. Slowing bacterial translation speed enhances eukaryotic protein folding efficiency. J Mol Biol. (2010) 396(5): 1310-1318.  PMID: 20043920

Starr, M. E., Ueda, J., Takahashi, H., Weiler, H., Esmon, C. T., Evers, B. M. and Saito, H. Age-dependent vulnerability to endotoxemia is associated with reduction of anticoagulant factors activated protein c and thrombomodulin. Blood. (2010) 115(23): 4886-4893.  PMCID: PMC2890181

Stowe, R. P., Peek, M. K., Cutchin, M. P. and Goodwin, J. S. Plasma cytokine levels in a population-based study: Relation to age and ethnicity. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. (2010) 65(4): 429-433.  PMCID: PMC2844059

Stowe, R. P., Peek, M. K., Perez, N. A., Yetman, D. L., Cutchin, M. P. and Goodwin, J. S. Herpesvirus reactivation and socioeconomic position: A community-based study. J Epidemiol Community Health. (2010) 64(8): 666-671. PMID: 19825788

Szczesny, B., Tann, A. W. and Mitra, S. Age- and tissue-specific changes in mitochondrial and nuclear DNA base excision repair activity in mice: Susceptibility of skeletal muscles to oxidative injury. Mech Ageing Dev. (2010) 131(5): 330-337.  PMCID: PMC2883317

Timmerman, K. L., Lee, J. L., Dreyer, H. C., Dhanani, S., Glynn, E. L., Fry, C. S., Drummond, M. J., Sheffield-Moore, M., Rasmussen, B. B. and Volpi, E. Insulin stimulates human skeletal muscle protein synthesis via an indirect mechanism involving endothelial-dependent vasodilation and mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 signaling. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. (2010) 95(8): 3848-3857.  PMCID: PMC2913031

Timmerman, K. L., Lee, J. L., Fujita, S., Dhanani, S., Dreyer, H. C., Fry, C. S., Drummond, M. J., Sheffield-Moore, M., Rasmussen, B. B. and Volpi, E. Pharmacological vasodilation improves insulin-stimulated muscle protein anabolism but not glucose utilization in older adults. Diabetes. (2010) 59(11): 2764-2771.  PMCID: PMC2963534

Vasileiadou, K., Pantazidis, G., Papadopoulou, K., Ligoudistianou, C., Kourelis, A., Petrakis, S., Masmanidou, E., Testa, T., Kourounakis, A. P., Hadjipetrou, L., Papaconstantinou, J. and Yiangou, M. Α1-acid glycoprotein production in rat dorsal air pouch in response to inflammatory stimuli, dexamethasone and honey bee venom. Experimental and Molecular Pathology. (2010) 89(1): 63-71.  No PMID Listed

Wilkinson, G. S., Baillargeon, J., Kuo, Y. F., Freeman, J. L. and Goodwin, J. S. Atrial fibrillation and stroke associated with intravenous bisphosphonate therapy in older patients with cancer. J Clin Oncol. (2010) 28(33): 4898-4905.  PMCID: PMC3020695


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