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Research Career and Development Core (RCDC)
Associate Scholars

Michael Borack, MS
Rehabilitation Sciences (Mechanisms of muscle growth and loss)

Tony Chao, MS
Shriners (Fat metabolism)

Maria Chondronikola, MS
Sealy Center on Aging (Metabolism, obesity, and nutrition)

Rachel Deer, PhD
Sealy Center on Aging (Functional recovery following hospitalization)

James DeFord, PhD
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (Development of proteomic methodologies)

Edgar Dillon, PhD
Internal Medicine (Quality of life during chemotherapy in recurrent cancer)

Emily Lantz, PhD
Rehabilitation Sciences (Muscle metabolism and nutrition)

Melissa Markofski, PhD
Sealy Center on Aging (Nutrition and exercise to prevent sarcopenia)

Craig Porter, PhD
Rehabilitation Sciences (Muscle metabolism and burns)

Paul Reidy, MS
Rehabilitation Sciences (Muscle metabolism in exercise)

Manish Saraf, PhD
Surgery (Fat metabolism and burns)

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