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UTMB was awarded a $4.97 million dollar grant (R24HS022134) in 2013 from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to conduct patient-centered outcomes research. AHRQ's mission is to produce evidence to make health care safer, higher quality, more accessible, equitable, and affordable, and to work with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and other partners to make sure that the evidence is understood and used. Dispersed over a five-year period, this federal grant is being used to establish the infrastructure for a center on Patient-Centered Outcomes Research in the Elderly at UTMB.
The Claude Pepper Older Americans Independence Center honors the memory of Claude Denson Pepper, a Florida congressman and career-long advocate for the rights of older adults. A vigorous man throughout his life, he rejected the idea that physical and mental decline were an inevitable part of normal aging.
The mission of the WHO/PAHO Collaborating Center is to foster research to improve the health of older populations in Latin America and the Caribbean. This is possible by establishing collaborations with institutions in Latin America. The work of the Center is also committed to training scholars with a cross-cultural, multidisciplinary perspective.
The ETGEC-C, in partnership with the Texas Area Health Education Centers (AHEC), provides geriatric-oriented medical education and clinical training for health professionals and students in health professions within a 72 county area of East Texas. This area is more than 80% rural and above the national and state average in percent elderly (65+ years of age), particularly older minorities. Professional disciplines targeted by the ETGEC-C include medicine, nursing, social work and allied health professions (physician assistants, physical therapy, and occupational therapy).

Funded by the Isla Carroll Friendship Trust, the Center for Spirituality of Aging intends to nurture, empower and dignify the spiritual integrity of seniors by providing opportunities to serve others, build community and learn about healthy aging. The goal is prevent isolation, loneliness, illness and untimely death among elders in Galveston County. Studies indicate that with holistic education, motivation and encouragement elders live longer, happier and healthier lives.

Helen Appelberg, D.Min.
Director of Spirituality of Aging Center
Phone: (409) 266-9682
FAX: (409) 772-8931
E-mail: hwappelb@utmb.edu

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