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Diana Lucia Matallana, PhD

(May-Jun 2007) is a psychologist from Colombia. She pursued doctoral studies in Experimental Neuropsychology, Memory and Naloxone, at American University in Washington. As a Research Coordinator of the Institute of Aging of Universidad Javeriana, she has conducted research in dementia, cognitive decline, degenerative diseases, and memory. She has also conducted research in Alzheimer disease and related disorders with Dr. Carlos Cano. Her work as a visiting scholar established a research network in cognitive decline. She worked in two posters and presented them at the American Geriatrics Society Annual Meeting 2008 in Washington DC.


D. Matallana, C. A. Reyes-Ortiz, C. A. Cano, C. de Santacruz, P. Reyes, K. S. Markides, K. J. Ottenbacher. "Education Level and the Minimental State Examination Domains among Older Mexican Americans"

C.A. Reyes-Ortiz, D. Matallana, C. Cano, C. de Santacruz, P. Reyes, K. S. Markides, K. J. Ottenbacher. "Memory Domain Is A Better Predictor For History Of Alzheimer's Disease Or Failure In An Executive Clock Drawing Task Than The Total Minimental State Examination"

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