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085000 ABC – America's Best Charities
independentcharities.org Feeding the hungry. Sheltering the homeless. Protecting the children. And healing the sick. America's finest independent charities. Working with you to share- the American way. - 1.76%
085056 Adoptable Children (North American Council)
nacac.org More than 101,000 foster children need adoptive families. Your donation helps find loving parents for these children, support adoptive families, and raise adoption awareness. - 18.78%
085300 Adoption Center
adopt.org Help find loving families for U.S. children with backgrounds of abuse and neglect. Adoption will give them a lifetime of love! - 13.17%
085268 Adoption Exchange
adoptex.org There are 101,650 abused children in foster care WAITING for permanent, adoptive families. Don't make them wait! Help us find families for neglected children. - 16.77%
085155 Adoptions by Cradle of Hope
cradlehope.org Help an abandoned child! We provide adoption services and support to children who need permanent, loving families. Every dollar saves children's lives and provides love! - 17.15%
085301 Aid For Starving Children
aidforstarvingchildren.org One child dying of hunger every twelve seconds- over 7,000 a day- must stop! Make a difference. Your actions can help save a child's life. - 2.38%
085270 Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation
alexslemonade.org A four-year-old cancer patient's frontyard lemonade stand evolved to a nationwide movement to find a cure for pediatric cancer. Every person can make a difference. - 12.62%
085329 Allergy and Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics, Inc.
aanma.org Asthma and allergies afflict millions with frightening attacks that often kill. Help eliminate suffering and death through education, advocacy, and community outreach. - 12.34%
085330 Alzheimer's Foundation of America
alzfdn.org Alzheimer's disease pulls at a family's heartstrings and pursestrings. AFA provides education and support services nationally and locally for people with dementia and their caregivers. - 14.35%
085194 Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation
alzheimersprevention.org Help fight Alzheimer's disease and find a cure through research and prevention! Committed to ensuring peak mental performance and optimum brain function throughout our lives. - 4.05%
085113 Alzheimer's Research Foundation, Fisher Center
alzinfo.org Unique research into cause, care and cure of Alzheimer's by Nobel Prize winner. Donate to change lives. Bring a cure to 5.4 million Americans. - 15.29%
085004 America's VetDogs - the Veteran's K-9 Corps, Inc.
vetdogs.org Trains guide, service, and therapy dogs. Transforming the lives of disabled veterans and active servicemembers at home, in VA and military hospitals, and while deployed. - 19.43%
085005 American Freedom Foundation, Inc.
americanfreedomfoundation.org Creates awareness and builds support for the service, sacrifice and needs of our veterans, military service members and families through partnerships with military focused organizations. - 11.00%
085091 American Humane Association
americanhumane.org Protecting millions of children and animals from abuse, neglect and abandonment for 135 years. We lead understanding of the human-animal bond. The abuse must stop! - 17.88%
085271 American Indian College Fund
collegefund.org Help us revive some of the most economically depressed communities in our nation by supporting scholarships to American Indian students at our nation's tribal colleges. - 22.29%
085331 American Sexual Health Association
ashasexualhealth.org Working to raise awareness about sexual health and prevent sexually transmitted diseases through public education and patient support programs. - 22.13%
085302 Amigos de las Americas
amigoslink.org The world needs multi-cultural leaders! Since 1965, AMIGOS has transformed the lives of 25,000 youth through leadership training, international development and cross-cultural immersion. - 10.28%
085007 Animal Slaughter & Child Starvation Stop Here!
awfw.org We fight atrocities against people and animals by helping poor, hungry families feed themselves while saving innocent animals from mutilation, severe confinement, and horrific slaughter. - 3.77%
085332 Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and OCD Education and Research Foundation
adaa.org Anxiety disorders, OCD, PTSD, and depression are real, serious, and treatable. We champion research for a cure and offer educational resources to millions suffering silently. - 13.47%
085009 Armed Services Mutual Benefit Association STAR Foundation
asmbastarfoundation.com We provide support for combat wounded service members, aid to military families, scholarships for veterans and dependents. Needs are great and growing daily. Please help! - 11.83%
085131 Asian Children's Rescue & Relief Fund
asianchildrensassist.org Saving Asian abandoned, orphaned, destitute, and handicapped children by providing hope and opportunity. Reaching their full potential through basic care, corrective surgery, therapy, and training. - 23.86%
085021 ASPCA: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
aspca.org Staged dog fights to the death. Puppy factories with overcrowded and unsanitary breeding pens. Kittens tortured for amusement. Help stop these acts of animal cruelty. - 23.81%
085158 Autism Intervention and Treatment Research – Organization for Autism Research
researchautism.org Parents of children with autism never stop seeking answers. We're here to provide those answers and fund research that provides practical information on lifelong care. - 19.62%
085142 Autism Society of America
autism-society.org 1 in 88 children now diagnosed with autism--that's 47,000 new families just this year. Help us provide support to those living with autism today. - 14.93%
085011 Autoimmune Diseases Association
aarda.org Autoimmunity causes Lupus, Arthritis, Celiac, MS, Fibromyalgia, Graves', Thyroiditis and 100+ other diseases. Through research and patient services, our work eases the suffering they inflict. - 8.90%
085229 Baptist Charities of America
baptistcharities.net Disabled children and adults dependent on others for daily care. Help us provide them advocacy, educational access, rehabilitation and the chance to live productive lives. - 14.34%
085230 Baptist Children's Home Ministries
bchm.net Abused, neglected and abandoned children. Expectant mothers with no healthcare. Troubled teens and families. Help us to change their lives. Give them a future. - 9.08%
085231 Believe In Tomorrow National Children's Foundation
believeintomorrow.org Keeping families together during medical crisis. We provide exceptional hospital/respite housing to families with critically ill children, so they may find hope and comfort. - 6.39%
085116 Best Buddies for Children and Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
bestbuddies.org Children with intellectual disabilities often experience loneliness and isolation. Change their futures by matching them with volunteers and creating extraordinary friendships ("Best Buddies") for life! - 18.93%
085042 Bethany Christian Services
bethany.org Bethany, a global leader in adoption and social services, is about kids in families! Finding families for children in need; keeping families in need together. - 13.48%
085333 Big Cat Rescue Corp
bigcatrescue.org Tigers confined to circus wagons. Lions bred for photos then to be shot in cages. Lynx farmed for their fur. Help us save big cats. - 10.57%
085013 Birth Defect Research for Children, Inc.
birthdefects.org Hundreds of thousands of children are suffering. Missing limbs, damaged hearts, facial deformities, spina bifida, autism. We're a lifeline for families struggling with birth defects. - 9.29%
085252 Black Charities for Children, Families, Communities
blackcharities.net Life is difficult now for Black children, families and communities worldwide. Help us provide relief efforts, program initiatives, funding and services to bridge the divide. - 11.07%
085304 Boone and Crockett Club
boone-crockett.org Upholding Theodore Roosevelt's vision, we're protecting our nation's most valuable resource - its wildlife. We've been promoting fair-chase in hunting, outdoor ethics and conservation since 1888. - 21.72%
085002 Brain Tumor Association, American (ABTA)
abta.org Advancing the understanding and treatment of brain tumors with goals of improving, extending and, ultimately, saving the lives of those impacted by a brain tumor. - 19.75%
085214 Breast Cancer African American, Sisters Network Inc.
sistersnetworkinc.org Speaking with one voice, we save lives by empowering women through support, education, financial assistance, free mammograms and promoting early detection through mammography screenings. - 12.00%
085211 Breast Cancer Crusade by Avon
avonfoundation.org Every three minutes someone is diagnosed with Breast Cancer, every fourteen minutes someone dies. Join our crusade - we're in it to end it. - 24.11%
085305 Buckner Children and Family Services
buckner.org Children desperate. Orphans alone. Families in need. Our adoption, foster care, humanitarian aid, education, prevention and support programs transform lives of vulnerable children and families. - 8.80%
085215 C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation
castforkids.org Remember catching your first fish? Give that exhilarating feeling to a disabled or disadvantaged child with our extraordinary program of outdoor recreational, educational sport fishing. - 7.54%
085306 Cancer Coalition, The National
nationalcancercoalition.org Help us defeat cancer and chronic disease worldwide. We provide cancer medicines free to needy patients and aid cancer research. Your support saves lives. - 2.30%
085216 Cancer Curing Society
gerson.org Healing with nature. We help thousands recover from so-called "incurable" diseases by teaching a proven, powerful natural treatment to patients, medical professionals and caregivers. - 20.98%
085170 Cancer Research and Assistance - VHL
vhl.org The cure for cancer is in our genes. Help cure VHL and other forms of cancer. - 16.75%
085213 Cancer Research Fund of the Damon Runyon - Walter Winchell Foundation
damonrunyon.org To accelerate breakthroughs, we provide today's best young scientists with funding to pursue innovative cancer research. 100% of your donation funds cancer research. - 18.60%
085175 Cancer Research, American Association for
aacr.org We fund groundbreaking scientific cancer research that saves lives. By contributing, you can help speed up the pace of scientific discovery, and fight cancer. - 8.80%
085176 Canine Assistants
canineassistants.org Teaching great dogs for special people. Invest in freedom by providing service dogs to children and adults with disabilities. Thank you! - 6.35%
085029 Canine Companions for Independence
cci.org A cold nose and a warm heart! Our companion dogs provide independence, assistance and friendship that transforms the lives of children and adults with disabilities. - 23.16%
085104 Canines for Disabled Kids
caninesforkids.org Autism silences a child’s laugh. Disability halts a child’s life. These specially trained service dogs liberate children, promote independence and social awareness, and help families. - 11.80%
085014 CASA - Court Appointed Advocates for Abused Children
casaforchildren.org More than 600,000 abused/neglected children are currently in foster care and need safe, permanent, loving homes. Turn HURT to a life of HOPE. - 15.04%
085253 Catholic Relief Services - USCCB
crs.org Rushes food, clothing, shelter, water and comfort to God's most vulnerable children effectively and efficiently in times of disaster and provides the means to self-sufficiency. - 6.80%
085018 Catholics For The Poor and Needy Worldwide
catholicvolunteernetwork.org Where faith and service meet! We support full-time Christian volunteers and mission programs responding to the challenges of communities/individuals in need across the globe. - 5.27%
085335 Celiac Central, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness
celiaccentral.org Help save millions of lives, billions of dollars. Celiac disease can lead to malnourishment, cancer, infertility, osteoporosis, other life-threatening diseases. 83% of sufferers remain undiagnosed. - 7.19%
085020 CHADD (Children & Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
chadd.org Works to ensure that children and adults challenged by Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder reach their full potential through family support, education and AD/HD research. - 20.58%
085195 Challenger Center for Space Science Education
challenger.org Engaging students and teachers in dynamic exploration and discovery opportunities that strengthen knowledge in STEM and provide outlets to learn and apply important life skills. - 14.57%
085196 Child Find of America
childfindofamerica.org Child kidnapping prevention and location specialists, helping children and devastated parents through free investigation, mediation and publicity. Your gift could bring a missing child home. - 8.63%
085307 Child Rescue International
mwb.org Children abandoned, orphaned, hungry, lost and lonely, living in bleak institutions need hope and love. Your support helps us save and change their lives! - 8.10%
085198 Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation
childhoodbraintumor.org Where would you turn if your child had a critical brain tumor? We're determined to find a cure and offer hope to parents facing heartbreak. - 16.68%
085336 Children Awaiting Parents
childrenawaitingparents.org Dedicated to finding loving, adoptive homes for abandoned, abused and neglected children who languish in the foster care system. Many have emotional/mental/physical disabilities. - 13.94%
085272 Children of the Night
childrenofthenight.org Rescues America's children from the ravages of prostitution. Providing shelter, hope and new-beginnings. With your support, we can save more. Our children deserve a fighting-chance! - 11.77%
085118 Children's Angel Airlines
childrensangelairlines.org Your gift makes FREE air transportation to distant medical treatments possible for needy, sick children and family members with no means to get there. - 2.48%
085273 Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation
childrenscancerrecovery.org Creating smiles and inspiring hope for kids with cancer and their families by providing financial assistance, camp scholarships, toys, games and funding for cancer research. - 18.89%
085219 Children's Defense Fund
childrensdefense.org No child deserves poverty, hunger, sickness, abuse, violence, or homelessness. CDF identifies critical problems, fosters solutions, and makes a difference for all children in America. - 16.93%
085274 Children's Hospital & Research Center Foundation
chofoundation.org You can help save a child's life. Donations help sick kids with advanced medical treatment and find new cures for childhood cancer and other diseases. - 21.70%
085275 Children's Hunger Fund
childrenshungerfund.org Feeding the hungry at home and abroad. Food, clothing and medicines aid children in impoverished countries and in America's inner-cities. - 1.36%
085033 Children's Medical Ministries
childmed.org Compassionate healthcare volunteers providing free wheelchairs, rehabilitation equipment, medical clinics, healthcare instruction, dental services, food and clothing to children in despair. Active in disaster relief. - 0.49%
085179 Children's Organ Transplant Association
cota.org COTA gives hope and makes miracles for children and young adults needing life-saving transplants. All funds raised for these children go toward transplant expenses. - 15.03%
085028 Christian Care International-Food and Medicine for People In Need
skycross.org Serve those in need. Help us provide nonperishable food and medical supplies to over 30,000 very poor in 45 locations on the Texas-Mexico border. - 3.36%
085036 Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) Association of America
cfids.org Largest national charitable organization engaging the ME/CFS community in research to accelerate discovery of safe and effective treatments and expand funding towards a cure. - 17.20%
085060 Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. (COPS)
nationalcops.org Grief support and resources for surviving families and co-workers of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty; law enforcement trauma training; public education. - 10.21%
085161 Conservation and Protection of Public Lands
publicland.org Fighting to keep America's Public Lands in public hands. Preventing unstable, unsound timber cutting, grazing and mineral/oil production. This land is your land! - 2.87%
085037 Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation
ddlsusa.org Children born with physical, cognitive and medical challenges. Parents need information, comfort and support. Help us provide free publications, guidance, emotional support and awareness. - 13.51%
085178 Correctional Peace Officers Foundation
cpof.org Nonprofit charity for Correctional Officers and their families, by providing line-of-duty death benefit, and catastrophic assistance in cases of accident or illness. - 13.99%
085031 Cure Alzheimer's Fund
curealz.org Research is the only path to progress. We're funding breakthrough, aggressive research to prevent, slow, reverse and ultimately find a cure for Alzheimer's Disease. - 7.15%
085220 Diabetes & Immune Disease National Research Institute
didnri.org We're moving closer to a cure. Our cutting-edge research is advancing new treatments and cures for millions suffering from diabetes and other chronic, debilitating diseases. - 11.80%
085025 Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation
diabetes-action.org Funding innovative, promising research to prevent, treat and cure diabetes. 100% of your workplace contributions used for diabetes research and programs. We can conquer diabetes! - 3.76%
085038 Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust
cst.dav.org Empowering Veterans To Lead High-Quality Lives With Dignity...Prosthetics Research and Devices for Amputees; Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy; Guide/Assistance Dogs; Comfort for Survivors. - 4.49%
085068 Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans (NEADS)
neads.org Custom-trains dogs and shelter rescues as assistance dogs to enhance independence for wounded veterans, autistic children, people who are deaf or with physical disabilities. - 14.61%
085337 Dogs for the Deaf, Inc.
dogsforthedeaf.org Dogs rescued from shelters are professionally trained to assist people with deafness, hearing loss and other challenges. Dogs provide safety, companionship, self-confidence, and independence. - 16.47%
085309 Domestic Violence Hotline, National
thehotline.org Too many people are prisoners of violence in their own homes - too terrified to seek help. We're helping them escape the violence safely. - 14.62%
085279 Equine Land Conservation Resource
elcr.org No Land, No Horse. We lose 6,000 acres of open land every day. Help Equine Land Conservation Resource save the lands our horses need. - 18.61%
085039 FACES: The National Craniofacial Association
faces-cranio.org Children with craniofacial disfigurements require specialized reconstructive surgeries. We take care of these children and their families while treatment is received. Rebuilding faces, rebuilding futures. - 18.90%
085235 Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute
fvsai.org "Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Child and Elder - %
085076 Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM)
farmusa.org Animals crowded, deprived, mutilated, slaughtered for food. People dying of disease, starvation, weather extremes, water pollution. We solve these global tragedies by promoting plant-based eating. - 9.90%
085327 Fisher House Foundation
fisherhouse.org We build and donate Fisher Houses at military/VA medical centers, support existing houses, help military families in need and award Scholarships for Military Children. - 3.72%
085062 Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types, Inc.
firstskinfoundation.org Disfiguring, painful, extremely dry, cracked, thick, scaling skin. Patients endure emotional/psychological harm and physical challenges. FIRST provides emotional support, medical and educational resources. - 16.17%
085164 FRAXA Research Foundation
fraxa.org We aim to cure Fragile X, the foremost known cause of autism, by funding medical research and helping affected families get the best treatment. - 8.10%
085310 Giving Children Hope
gchope.org Rescuing children, providing lifesaving medicines and emergency food to orphanages, clinics, shelters, and disaster centers serving homeless children in America and poorest-of-the-poor around the world. - 0.37%
085040 Gluten Intolerance Group of North America
gluten.net Eating gluten causes long-term life-threatening health hazards. Monitoring food supply is critical. Help us educate and audit food companies. Consumers can then live gluten-free safely. - 10.22%
085256 Graves' Disease and Thyroid Foundation
gdatf.org Help and hope to patients with Graves' disease and other thyroid-related disorders. We provide phone/online support, educational events, and local support groups. - 12.83%
085290 Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc.
guidedogs.com Providing safety, independence and companionship to the blind and visually impaired by partnering them with trained guide dogs throughout their lifetime. - 16.20%
085311 Guide Dogs of America
guidedogsofamerica.org Freedom, independence, confidence, security. Guide dogs are companion heroes to people in need. We provide blind individuals with a guide dog free of charge. - 14.87%
085312 Habitat for Humanity International
habitat.org Sweat equity. Christian housing ministry working to end poverty by partnering with families in need to build affordable homes, stabilize neighborhoods, and preserve communities. - 17.94%
085222 HawkWatch International
hawkwatch.org Raptors are an indicator species. HawkWatch International ensures they survive and thrive to maintain an environment that sustains all forms of life and habitat. - 21.63%
085041 Help the Children
helpthechildren.org We alleviate hunger and suffering by providing food, clothing, medicine, and medical care to needy children and their families in the U.S. and abroad. - 0.37%
085106 Hepatitis Foundation International
hepatitisfoundation.org The Hepatitis Foundation International reaches more than 5 million people to reduce preventable liver disease, link patients' to care, educate providers, and promote research annually. - 16.81%
085181 Herbal Medicine Institute
herbalgram.org We are passionate about helping people live healthier lives through the responsible use of herbs and medicinal plants. Providing reliable, scientific information about herbal medicine. - 19.44%
085150 Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities
hacu.net Hispanics suffer economic barriers and have the highest high school drop-out rate. HACU helps Hispanics pursue educational opportunities and become leaders in America's workforce. - 21.64%
085035 Hispanic Scholarship Fund
hsf.net As the nation's largest organization supporting Hispanic-American higher education, our scholarships and outreach programs make the dream of a college education possible. - 9.73%
085338 Holt International Children's Services
holtinternational.org We help struggling families care for their children, and unite orphaned and abandoned children with adoptive families. Because every child deserves a loving, secure home. - 24.78%
085258 Homes For Our Troops
hfotusa.org We build specially adapted, handicap-accessible homes for severely injured veterans across the country. The homes are provided at no cost to the veterans. - 11.27%
085339 Honor and Remember, Inc.
honorandremember.org Recognizing the sacrifice of generations of Fallen Military Heroes; establishing a national symbol of remembrance, educating, comforting and presenting personalized flags to Gold Star families. - 15.06%
085226 Hope for the Hungry
hopeforthehungry.org On average, 21,000 children die daily from disease and malnutrition. Help us to "Share the Bread of Life" to save innocent, struggling children worldwide. - 12.58%
085047 Hope For The Warriors
hopeforthewarriors.org Restore self, family and hope! Our programs support employment and education, clinical health and wellness, sports and recreation, build community and military relations and more. - 16.42%
085045 Hospice Foundation for End-of-Life Care
foundationeolc.org Providing the medical, social and spiritual support necessary to transform dying into the final act of living well. Help us advance quality of care. - 19.05%
085046 Hospice Foundation of America
hospicefoundation.org Supporting individuals through Life-Ending illness and assisting families /caregivers with grief and loss. We emphasize hospice and palliative care while providing public and professional education. - 9.90%
085124 Hostelling International - USA
hiusa.org Bringing people together worldwide, hostelling inspires young people to become active global citizens with intercultural understanding, motivated to improve our communities, country, and our world. - 21.62%
085313 Humane Farm Animal Care
certifiedhumane.org Dairy cows confined in tie stalls, crated pigs can't root or move, chickens stuffed in cages. Fight cruelty in raising and handling of animals. - 2.37%
085123 India Partners
indiapartners.org Works alongside indigenous Christian grassroots agencies in India to alleviate poverty and injustice through economic development, health care,disaster relief, education, and sponsorship programs. - 14.50%
085280 Institute for Creation Research
icr.org Science strongly supports the Bible's authority and accuracy. With scientific research, education programs, and media presentations, we equip Christians to stand for the Truth. - 17.49%
085314 Institute for Financial Literacy, Inc.
financiallit.org Now, more than ever, financial education is the key to America's future. Providing education, counseling, professional training and certification programs. Understanding personal finances fights poverty. - 22.31%
085182 Kidney Cancer Research and Education Association
kidneycancer.org We strive for a world without kidney cancer. Help us fund breakthrough research, educate patients and health professionals and advocate for patients. - 4.94%
085126 Leukemia Clinical Research Foundation
 Leukemia can be cured! We live that dream by supporting research where it has the most impact - on patients in clinical settings. - 5.53%
085340 Lymphedema Network
lymphnet.org Abnormal swelling in limbs or elsewhere from cancer surgery/other causes. Afflicts men, women, children. Often misdiagnosed and mistreated. A chronic condition, a lifelong struggle. - 6.84%
085341 Lymphoma Foundation of America
lymphomahelp.org Advice, experience, compassionate patient/ family services. We fund research to cure lymphoma. Providing nurse counseling, referrals to specialists, second opinions, travel assistance. All services free. - 0.84%
085125 Lymphoma Research Foundation
lymphoma.org Funding innovative research; providing information and services to Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients/caregivers. Our mission: eradicate lymphoma and serve those touched by this disease. - 17.25%
085316 MAP International
map.org The world's poorest children and families suffer and die needlessly without desperately needed lifesaving medicines. $1 donation to MAP International delivers $60 in medical supplies. - 0.95%
085343 Marine Corps -- Law Enforcement Foundation
mc-lef.org Scholarships awarded to children of active duty Marines and Federal Law Enforcement. Possible assistance for children of Marines for medical expenses not covered by insurance. - 1.56%
085344 Marine Corps League Foundation Inc.
mclfoundation.org We provide scholarships, youth programs, disaster relief and humanitarian aid to Marine Corps families in need. We also provide Veterans facilities assistance. - 11.58%
085345 Matthew 25: Ministries
m25m.org Helping the poorest of the poor. Providing disaster relief, food, clothing and education materials. Meeting the most basic needs of severely suffering people. - 0.79%
085135 Mercy Medical Airlift
mercymedical.org We ensure that all needy patients are provided access to distant specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis and treatment with long-distance medical air or ground transportation. - 2.40%
085239 Methodist Mission Home
provplace.org Connecting babies and children needing homes with loving families through adoption; helping young people with disabilities learn life and vocational skills to reach independence. - 20.94%
085263 Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
michaeljfox.org Dedicated to ensuring the development of better treatments, and ultimately a cure, for Parkinson's disease through an aggressively funded research agenda. - 8.67%
085049 Military Child Education Coalition
militarychild.org Four million military connected children navigate the challenges of deployments, transition and family separation. Your donation supports the children of those who serve us all. - 7.67%
085129 Military Officers Association of America Scholarship Fund
moaa.org/scholarshipfund 100% of all CFC donations provide interest-free loans or grants to children from military families (all seven services, officer and enlisted) pursuing a college education. - 1.46%
085346 Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation
mhopus.org Keep music alive for thousands of students! We donate musical instruments to underserved schools and kids, to inspire creativity, expression and joy through music. - 17.60%
085108 National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
missingkids.com Become a hero! Join NCMEC and John Walsh to find missing children, reunite families, and end child sexual exploitation on our streets and the internet. - 6.61%
085095 National Children's Advocacy Center
nationalcac.org Not every kid has a happy childhood. Let's change that! Supporting intervention/treatment programs for sexually abused children, abuse prevention education for families and professionals. - 17.29%
085347 National FFA Foundation, Inc.
ffa.org We're forging a path for agricultural education students to discover their passion in life and build a future of leadership, personal growth and career success. - 19.03%
085348 National Lung Cancer Partnership
freetobreathe.org Lung cancer advocacy organization. Dedicated to doubling survival by 2022. Our mission is to ensure surviving lung cancer is the expectation, not the exception. - 20.07%
085055 Operation Homefront
operationhomefront.net Be a caring Patriot! Support our military families - help us provide emergency financial assistance and morale programs to military families and Wounded Warriors. - 3.89%
085320 orphanCare International
orphancareintl.org Abandoned. Alone. Hungry. This describes the life of the world's orphans. Every child has value! Every dollar makes a difference! Provide Shelter, Food, Education, Support. - 15.39%
085057 Parkinson's Research Center, Michael Stern Foundation
parkinsoninfo.org Seeking better treatments and a cure for patients heartbreakingly suffering from this tragic, deadly neurological disease. Sponsoring cutting-edge research at leading university laboratories. Bringing hope. - 12.66%
085349 Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States, Inc.
curethekids.org Funds medical research for childhood brain tumors. Offers free patient family support services, funds scholarships for survivors, provides advocacy for cause. - 15.94%
085224 PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
peta.org Fight cruelty. Save lives! Your gift makes a kinder world for animals through undercover investigations, rescues, humane education, spay/neuter, and high-profile advocacy campaigns. - 17.25%
085203 PKD Foundation
pkdcure.org Accelerating treatments to patients with polycystic kidney disease. We're dedicated to finding a cure for this common genetic disease that leads to kidney failure/ death. - 21.05%
085083 Planned Parenthood Federation of America
plannedparenthood.org Ensure access to affordable reproductive health care, protect reproductive rights, and promote access to comprehensive medically accurate sexuality education, domestically and internationally. - 17.66%
085058 Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility
peer.org Protect whistleblowers and wildlife from government mistreatment. Mistakes don't get corrected when they go undetected. PEER ensures that your voice is heard. - 8.98%
085206 Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN)
rainn.org Runs National Sexual Assault Hotline; largest anti-rape org. Free, 24-7 services help 150,000 people/year. Programs prevent rape, help victims, bring rapists to justice. - 6.87%
085328 Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation
willis-ekbom.org RLS Foundation provides education and support to millions of people with Willis-Ekbom disease/RLS, and funds research toward a cure for this neurologic disease. - 24.81%
085351 Rett Syndrome Foundation, International
rettsyndrome.org This devastating neurological disorder robs children of speech, motor-control and hand use. We fund innovative research for a cure, provide family support and promote awareness. - 13.81%
085225 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
rmef.org Ensures future of elk, other wildlife and our hunting heritage by conserving, restoring, and enhancing natural habitats through land purchases, conservation easements, education and research. - 7.88%
085322 Seeing Eye, Inc.
SeeingEye.org Enhancing lives by bringing independence, dignity and self-confidence to blind people through our Seeing Eye dogs. These dogs bring mobility, safety and self-sufficiency to thousands. - 15.91%
085260 Semper Fi Fund
SemperFiFund.org "Help us serve injured and critically ill post-9/11 service members and their families with immediate financial assistance and lifetime support. Charity Watch rating: A+. - %
085352 Skin and Dental Dysfunction Foundation
nfed.org Provides dentures, support, and hope to children left toothless from the rare disorder Ectodermal Dysplasia. Funds research to find improved treatment options and cures. - 19.99%
085190 Skin Cancer Foundation
skincancer.org It's skin cancer. Millions hear these terrible words every year. We're dedicated to eradicating skin cancer through prevention, early detection, effective treatment, education, and research. - 9.03%
085207 Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc.
guidedogs.org Paws for Independence and Paws for Patriots programs provide guide dogs for visually impaired individuals and veterans, and veteran service dogs for veterans with PTSD. - 13.87%
085191 Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP)
snapus.org Homeless cats and dogs wander every neighborhood - destined for suffering or euthanasia. Please help us reduce the overpopulation of unwanted animals through sterilization and education. - 13.00%
085112 Special Olympics, Inc.
specialolympics.org Providing year-round sports training and competition for people with intellectual disabilities. Empowering individuals to improve physical fitness, motor-skills, build self-confidence, self-image and make lifelong friendships. - 18.19%
085111 Special Operations Warrior Foundation
specialops.org Provide scholarship grants and counseling to children of special operations who die in the line of duty. Provide financial assistance to wounded special operations personnel. - 5.52%
085284 Spinal Cord Injury Network International
spinalcordinjury.org Auto accidents, falls and sports injuries. We assist injured individuals and their families reach the best possible care and live life fully and productively. - 7.14%
085065 Spondylitis Association of America
spondylitis.org A crippling form of spinal arthritis that strikes young people. We're alone in our sole commitment to research, programs, and support of the spondylitis community. - 20.70%
085012 Sunshine Kids Foundation
sunshinekids.org Provides positive group activities for children with cancer, so they may once again do what Kids are meant to do...have fun and celebrate life! - 21.18%
085264 Support Our Troops
supportourtroops.Oorg Don't abandon America's troops! They Support Us, Let's Support Them! Help Support Our Troops provide tons of morale and well-being to troops and families worldwide! - 0.78%
085323 Thomas More Law Center
thomasmore.org God banished. The unborn child forsaken. Radical Islam on the rise. Join our battle in the courts to defend America's Christian heritage and National security. - 18.50%
085208 Transplants, The National Foundation for
transplants.org Lifesaving organ and tissue transplants, medication, and medical care are possible with our fundraising expertise, grants and advocacy. Help us give the gift of life! - 15.74%
085353 Travis Manion Foundation
travismanion.org Champions of fallen warrior's departing words, "If Not Me, Then Who..." Veterans and survivors receive empowerment grants for transition assistance, grief support, and emotional recovery - 8.13%
085354 USA Cares Inc.
usacares.org PTSD, Foreclosure, Unemployment, Food shortage, Utility shut off - Help us respond to hundreds of real military families in CRISIS every week. Help us help them. - 17.27%
085008 Vegan Outreach
veganoutreach.org Saving farmed animals a lifetime of misery by persuading students to go veg on hundreds of college campuses every year. - 9.72%
085324 Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation
vfwfoundation.org Support U.S. troops! Telephone connections for our military overseas and financial help for their families. VA claims assistance and community service programs. All free. - 16.14%
085355 Victims of Crime, National Center for
victimsofcrime.org Helps crime victims rebuild their lives. Advocates for victims' rights, raises public awareness, and provides training. Priorities include sexual assault; child trafficking; stalking; civil justice. - 18.79%
085210 Wildlife Conservation Fund of America
trailblazeradventure.org To protect and advance outdoor sports through public education by introducing youth and their families to an active outdoor lifestyle through the Trailblazer Adventure Program. - 8.09%
085287 World Impact
worldimpact.org Gang violence, drug addiction, and poverty ravage inner-city children and their families. Our ministry provides food, housing, medical/dental assistance, job training, urban church planting. - 8.41%
085288 Wounded Warrior Emergency Support Fund
airwarriorcourage.org/ Honor our Wounded Warriors! We provide rehab services at three Military Medical Centers, and starter IRS 529 College Savings Plans for dependents of aircrews KIA. - 2.44%

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