"We know you have a heart."

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Wear it with pride: SECC lapel pins offered this year as a token of appreciation

SECC 2014 lapel pinWe know people don't make a pledge in exchange for a trinket or chance at a prize. Our long history with the SECC has taught us that people give for all the right reasons: out of commitment to their community or cause, because they feel it is a duty to give back, because it makes them feel good to share. Altruism and genuine generosity run deep among members of our UTMB community. However, we do have an opportunity to say thanks with a small token again this year, one that can remind you of your gift and the good it helps make possible.

The Lion in the Wizard of Oz had his medal, validation of the courage he had all along. For 2014, we have SECC lapel pins, proof that you have a heart and a kind, compassionate and sharing soul. We'll send a lapel pin to every person who contributes this year.

100 MBs for 100 Percent

The Great and Powerful SECC ChairmanIn the Wizard of Oz, the Great and Powerful Wizard really wasn’t that great or that powerful; when Toto pulled back the curtain, the truth was exposed. However, Todd Leach, our 2014 SECC chairman, has a few magic levers and dials of his own, and he does have the power to put an exciting new incentive on the table.

We always highlight and celebrate the areas that reach 100 percent participation in the campaign. This year, we’re going to reward those groups with a special digital “thank you”: each person in every area that reaches 100 percent in the SECC will have the size of their email storage allotment increased by 100 megabytes. 100 MBs for 100%.

A few areas have already hit the mark. See if your group is close: http://www.utmb.edu/secc/pledge/ParticipationByDept.asp

Fitbit fights the Stuffed Turkey Syndrome

Turkey, roasted or Cajun fried; cornbread and oyster stuffing; green bean casserole, sweet potato, corn and other fresh veggies; cranberries, gravy, fresh bread: What’s there not to love about Thanksgiving?

Wouldn’t it be great, though, if you could track the calories you burn while you eat, or during a post-meal walk, or maybe monitor how deeply you snooze during a turkey-induced slumber (maybe a slumber as deep as Dorothy’s in the field of enchanted poppies)? Thanks to the 2014 SECC, you are in luck!

We’ll be drawing a winner for a new Fitbit, a personal wireless activity and sleep monitoring device, at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, November 26. To be entered in the drawing, make your gift online before the drawing. (Pledges made on paper will be included as well, if submitted by Nov. 21.)

The lucky winner will be notified by phone or email. All campaign participants are eligible. It’s one small way to say “thanks” for your support. Questions? Contact Becky Trout

UPDATE: Fitbit drawing winner selected; one additional prize to be offered

Congratulations to Carol Sutherland, who was selected in a drawing from SECC contributors as the winner of a new Fitbit, a personal wireless activity and sleep monitoring device. Carol is an ultrasound manager in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

We’re happy to announce one final drawing for a second Fitbit, to be made at the end of the campaign. All contributors will be eligible. Make your pledge today.


SECC 2014 prize drawing

2014 State Employee Charitable Campaign "We know you have a heart."

Make Your Pledge
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