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SIGHT is a student organization at UTMB focused on health and medicine for the underserved, both locally and internationally.

Our missions statement is:

To address the medical needs of the global community by creating awareness of health disparities in underserved populations, by supporting the development of solutions for health issues facing society, and by promoting clinical and research opportunities to students concerned with the development of health care on a local, national, and international level.

Benefits of SIGHT Membership:

1. Access to a list of international health electives that facilitates students in finding wonderful opportunities to experience medicine in another country. As an organization we believe that practicing medicine in another country can change your life and improve the quality of medicine that you practice here.

2. Opportunity to donate to and benefit from a supply depot that allows us to send medical supplies and books with students as they travel across the world. We have also gained many connections with area organizations such as Jesse Tree and Medical Bridges, both of which help supply students for international rotations.

3. Opportunity to apply for a scholarship for students who would like to travel abroad and do research or clinical based medicine.

4. Further opportunity to work with local organizations already established in Galveston to improve the health care around us. Some of these organizations are St. Vincent's, the Jesse Tree, and St. Luke's society.

Individuals from any school are welcome to join and participate. Dues are a one-time payment of $40, include a T-shirt, and cover four years of membership. If you have any questions please contact one of the officers listed on the Officers page.