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What is SIGHT?
SIGHT is a UTMB affiliated student organization dedicated to improving global health.

Can I be a member of SIGHT?
Anyone is welcome to join SIGHT. Come to our next meeting or email an officer to sign up!

How much does it cost to join SIGHT?
Dues are $40 for four years--this includes a T-shirt, the International Opportunities Resource pamphlet, and food at meetings.

What can SIGHT give to me?
SIGHT will help you spring into international health electives and broaden your mind concerning medicine in the world today.

Does SIGHT only deal with foreign medicine?
No, SIGHT concentrates on domestic medicine also. We have many contacts with people in Frontera de Salud and other organizations that work exclusively in Texas.

Do I have to be in the Global Health Track to be a member of SIGHT?
No! All UTMB students are welcome to join SIGHT