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Computer-Assisted Instruction: Several programs are available to assist students in their academic preparation. A computerized program for improving reading speed and comprehension is available at the campus library. It has been found useful for students attempting to efficiently handle the increased volume and density of readings for medical school and in preparing for the long vignettes presented in the USMLE exams.

In addition, programs for heart, lung, and breath sounds allow students to hear the auditory sounds associated with various diseases. Computer-assisted support is also available for courses in Anatomy, Dermatology, Opthalmology, Neurology, and Obstetrics/Gynecology. These programs are available on the second floor of the Moody Medical Library.

Also, located at the campus library on the second floor, is a computer program that provides assistance with medical terminology. Audio/visual staff on the second floor can assist students with all of these services.

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