School of Medicine, Office of Student Affairs and Admissions

Lauree Thomas, M.D.Welcome! UTMB has a very proud tradition of excellence in teaching, scholarly research, curricular innovation, and meeting the healthcare needs of the State of Texas. It is an integrated academic medical center which places major emphasis on basic science and clinical research as an important experiences for its students. Through our innovative Integrated Medical Curriculum, which has problem-based learning at its central core, students enjoy didactic teaching, peer and group interactive dynamics, and self-directed learning. Students learn to become critical thinkers and apply that knowledge in a broad-based fashion throughout their medical education.

The Office of Student Affairs and Admissions is charged with the responsibility of enhancing student life, from matriculation to graduation. As a student-oriented institution, UTMB takes fierce pride in providing all the necessary resources to ensure that its students’ medical education and experiences will be excellent ones. Now more than ever before, students will be challenged to learn vast amounts of basic science and clinical knowledge. The practice of medicine is both an art and science - you will be called upon to master the clinical paradigms, apply those in a setting conducive to and supportive of lifelong learning. UTMB's traditional commitment to community and its strong presence in the medical humanities will foster your personal and professional development as a physician, mentor, teacher, and healthcare provider.

We hope that this website will provide you with an overview of the UTMB community, the Office of Student Affairs and Admissions, its admissions procedures, special programs, academic and career counseling services, student government, and the many excellent educational opportunities that await you. We welcome you to this place of learning, where the excitement of the art and science of medicine truly comes alive.

Lauree Thomas, M.D.
Associate Dean for Career Counseling

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