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Honor Pledge Committee

"On my honor, as a member of the UTMB community, I pledge to act with integrity, compassion and respect in all my academic and professional endeavors."

Welcome to the Honor Pledge Committee!

The Honor Pledge committee was organized in 2001 to develop the UTMB Honor Pledge.

The Honor Pledge committee mission is to educate the campus community about academic integrity/cheating issues and to listen and respond to student related concerns. Events are focused on providing information related to integrity, compassion, respect and the UTMB conduct rules and disciplinary action.

The committee is comprised of student representatives from all schools, an Office of Student Life representative, faculty, student affairs officers and the Associate Vice Pesident of Student Services (AVP). The AVP helps the student leaders facilitate and set agendas. There is no restriction on the number of student members.

Honor Pledge and Orientation
The Honor Pledge committee participates in Welcome Weekend activities. The honor pledge officers lead all new students in the pledge and provides more information about standards and expectations and distributes the pins at the orientations.

The Honor Pledge committee sponsors an annual academic integrity program. In the past, it has been moderated by the AVP with a panel of the Student Affairs Deans discussing past year violations and actions. The honor pledge committee sponsored posting of the honor pledge in buildings and classrooms.

From our Officers...

The honor pledge is a very important statement that encapsulates the key principles of professionalism. The Committee revolves around three key principles: Integrity, Compassion and Respect, the key principles which represent the foundation upon which UTMB thrives for as an institution. These same principles have allowed UTMB to be recognized as a strong entity and enjoyable community to be part of.

Plaques and signs hang all around UTMB with the honor pledge statement, serving as a reminder of the basic principles. The writings have no meaning unless each and every one of you implement these principles into your daily lives and remember to always lead by example. UTMB is now your home, your community and your life for the next few years and the future of UTMB will be defined by your own personal actions.

The Honor Pledge and Professionalism Committee is comprised of students, faculty and staff from UTMB. Our committee meets once a month to discuss subjects in relevance to the Honor Pledge and Professionalism at UTMB. Some specifics of our meetings entails choosing the Summer Read, planning for orientation week, and discussing concerns about incidents in violation of the Honor Pledge and Professionalism code.

We welcome all students, faculty and staff to join the committee!

For more information please contact Erin Ellis in Student Life at erellis@utmb.edu.

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