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Student Government Association [SGA]

Each of us has different needs and expectations as we begin here at UTMB, and each of us will develop different anxieties as we progress through it.  The Student Government Association works to meet some of those needs, solve identified problems, and alleviate some anxieties by providing co-curricular activities for students.

SGA is dedicated to improving the students' academic, social, and cultural environments.  Each student contributes indirectly to these aims by payment of the student services fee (during registration), a percentage of which goes to SGA.  Students participate directly by taking advantage of the services offered and by getting involved in SGA itself.  Dissemination of information about activities is through the senators and through announcements posted on bulletin boards throughout the campus.

The Student Senate consists of representatives from all four schools.  This body controls all funds and determines the policies of SGA.  It is important that responsible individuals are elected to this body as they represent the students and are instrumental in making decisions that will affect the student body.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our Student Government Association Officers, who are listed under the Officers page. Look left and click the Officers tab to find their information.



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How to Find Us?

Second Floor
Lee Hage Jamail Student Center
University of Texas Medical Branch
301 University Boulevard
Galveston, TX 77555-1316

Telephone: (409) 772-1996
FAX: (409) 747-2527