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UTMB Special Use Facilities

This form provides you with an easy way to request a reservation at one of our facilities. Normally we will confirm your request within 24 hours, based on availability of rooms and/or dates.

Please provide us with information about your upcoming event:

Use of these facilities is limited exclusively to internal users for UTMB related activities (activities that are in furtherance of UTMB's mission or otherwise related to the educational, cultural or recreational programs of UTMB) or external users for activities exclusively related or dedicated to the benefit of UTMB (i.e. President's Cabinet, Development Board, Alumni Association, etc



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  The account number used to confirm reservations will not be charged unless the user fails to cancel their reservation within 3 working days prior to the event. 
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By reserving this facility you are agreeing to pay all expenses incurred related to the setup of this facility (setup cost is provided by Catering and Special Events).  If you agree, please select the ENTER button below, a reservation confirmation will be forwarded to you within 24 hours.