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Institutional Value Analysis Program:

The Value Analysis Program at UTMB provides a systematic assessment/approval process for the evaluation and acquisition of products, equipment and clinical technology that is reviewed at all levels within the Hospitals and Clinics.

The objective of the UTMB Value Analysis Program is to continually seek opportunities to reduce costs and improve performance through the cost-effective selection & standardization of products/devices, equipment, clinical technology and related processes, while maintaining or improving the quality of care provided to our patients. This objective is met through the work of the following teams:

Cost Management Teams (CMT): There are three Cost Management Teams (CMTs) at UTMB - the Surgical Services/Anesthesia/ICU CMT, Implant and Interventional CMT and Nursing Products & Routine Consumables CMT. The teams are comprised of end users to identify, approve evaluations and approve new products/devices/equipment/new technology with an approval threshold of up to $25,000 additional annual expenditure. These teams will also review costs against our Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) agreements as well as look for standardization opportunities.

Value Analysis Oversight Committee (VAOC): Membership includes UTMB Executive Leadership to provide oversight and direction for the UTMB Value Analysis Program. The VAOC is the final approval level for new products/equipment/ technology over $25,000 additional annual expenditure.

Supply Management Team: Team membership is comprised of the Cost Management Team Facilitators along with representatives from Clinical Purchasing, Data & Analytics, Value Analysis and other supply chain personnel. This team reviews UTMB purchasing data, GPO contracts and other information to identify standardization and savings opportunities.


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