The National CLARION Case Competition

An Interprofessional Team Case Competition

Spring 2015

Who May Be Involved?

UTMB students in the School of Medicine, Nursing, Health Professions, or the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences with an interest in:

• Interprofessional health care practice

• Working in a team

• Addressing some aspect of health care

• Presenting case results to a panel of experts


Teams comprising of four students across the health disciplines are given a fictitious sentinel healthcare event and as a team will present a root cause analysis to a panel of senior-level health executives. At the CLARION National Case Competition, you and your team have an opportunity to compete against interprofessional teams from universities across the United States.

When Do the UTMB CLARION Team Members Meet?

The team selected to represent UTMB will meet on a monthly basis at a time identified by the team members. There will be required trainings and the case will be distributed in February 2011.

Where Does the National Competition Take Place?

Practice sessions will be held at UTMB. The national case competition will take place on the University of Minnesota campus April 17-18, 2015. Travel expenses for the selected student team that will represent UTMB are provided by the Interprofessional Education and Practice (IPEP) office. Winning teams from the national competition receive a prize from the sponsoring institution. The top three teams in the National Interprofessional Case Competition win the Premier Richard Norling Scholarship Awards:

1st place: $7,500 team scholarship
2nd place: $5,000 team scholarship
3rd place: $2,500 team scholarship

Why Does CLARION Focus on Medical Errors?

Each year tens of thousands of deaths occur from preventable medical errors. Miscommunication and lack of communication among caregivers is cited as a main cause of the problem. The primary goals of the CLARION Case Competition are for participants to develop an understanding and appreciation of the skills that each profession brings to the healthcare team. In addition, to develop and maintain positive relationships which will extend into their professional careers.

Team Composition and Rules for the competition:

• Four students per team (no more than two students from the same program)

• Participants must be (currently enrolled) fulltime UTMB students

• In case of a team member dropping out there will be no replacement

• Team members will share the entire prize as listed

For more information, email Shelley Smith, assistant director of Interprofessional Education and Practice,

The 2015 CLARION National Case Competition Will Be Held At The University of Minnesota, April 17-18, 2015.