UTMB Interprofessional Scholars Program




This program provides an interprofessional platform on which students from all four schools have the opportunity to earn the distinction of Interprofessional Scholar. This distinction showcases the student’s willingness to go extra lengths to create an atmosphere of Interprofessional Education and Practice (IPEP) by participating in interprofessional activities. Throughout the program, students demonstrate their understanding and application of Interprofessional Education and Practice by creating scholarly projects.

Benefits to Students:

• Provides opportunities to participate in activities beyond those offered in their academic programs

• Increases leadership skills

• Demonstrates to future employers and residency directors of an interest and acquired skills set in interprofessional collaboration.

Upon completion of the program, students receive:

• A prestigious medal to be worn with academic regalia at graduation

• Recognition in the commencement program

• Notation on student's official transcript

• A $500 award

Program Highlights

Students will:

• Complete an application for acceptance into the program. Application: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ipep-admissions-application

• Receive an email regarding acceptance into the program.

• Attend an Interprofessional Education and Practice informational meeting which will be included on the IPEP website’s event calendar.

• Participate in IP Day for two years.

• Create an EPortfolio that includes reflective projects for each IP activity participation.

• Before graduating, students will work together on an interprofessional team to create a scholarly project that follows project guidelines.

• Have all work reviewed by a mentor who will be elected or appointed based on student preference.

Student Requirements

• Students must be currently enrolled in UTMB Health, in academic good standing, and in compliance with the Honor Pledge.

• Have a faculty mentor

• Create a EPortfolio to showcase interprofessional work

• Adhere to all deadlines for work completion and documentation


Students will create an EPortfolio and include the following:

• A reflective one -page or embedded video detailing their views and philosophy on interprofessional education. Students will share their personal definitions and how they believe this definition will best provide quality patient care.

• Demonstration of participation in two interprofessional education activities per year for two years of enrollment. Students may choose a  two page, double-spaced paper or a three minute video that explains and deepens the understanding of the benefits gained from the participation in the particular activity. Students will follow the project guidelines and rubric.

• Demonstration of participation and leadership in IP Days.

• A major scholarly project created with an interprofessional team. The project will be in the form of a digital professional poster that follows the template of UTMB Health.

Interprofessional Activities (You will choose two per year of enrollment in the program):

• Foundation in Patient Safety and Health Care Quality Course

• Spirituality and Clinical Care Module

• Global Health Interprofessional Core Courses

• IP Day

• Dementia Reader’s Theater


• CLARION Case Competition

• Pediatric End-of-Life Simulation

• St. Vincent Student Clinic

• Please note that students may propose an interprofessional activity which must be approved prior to participation. Please complete form “Proposed IPEP Activity” form located in “Applications and Forms”.



IPEP Checklist