UTMB Interprofessional Scholars Program

Through synergy, UTMB students will have the opportunity to earn the distinction of "Interprofessional Scholar", by participating in collaborative interprofessional educational experiences, pursuing a project with an interprofessional team of students, or producing scholarly work that reflects their experiences. A student must participate in at least two interprofessional activities per year of enrollment.

Student Participation:

A student must participate in two to three interprofessional activities per year of enrollment.

Activities and courses a student can choose from:

  • The Family Home Visit Program
  • The Spirituality and Clinical Care Module
  • The Court Visitor Program
  • Global Health Interprofessional Core Course
  • Patient Safety Interprofessional Course
  • The Pediatric End of Life Simulation
  • Interprofessional Education Day
  • Translational Research track (project)
  • Other courses/ activities offered during a particular academic year

Student Work and Evaluation for Distinction:
Products:(reflection papers, short answer statements, MCQs, etc.) for each activity

Faculty evaluation of student learning and performance - Using a grading rubric, OIE assessment tool, or presentation and participation deemed appropriate by faculty members.

Faculty mentor(s) designated and follows a structured plan (quarterly/monthly meetings, communication tools)

Student project with an interprofessional team of students that produce a scholarly product (presentation, poster, manuscript)

Venues to present work as a student:
On Campus Seminar, Clarion Competition, Selected Conferences

The synergy Steering committee and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, with input from faculty mentors and sponsors, will evaluate the merit of each student’s participation and award the distinction if earned.