UTMB Interprofessional Courses

Foundations in Patient Safety and Health Care Quality Course (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)

Course Description:
Students enrolled in this course will have an opportunity to engage in a variety of interprofessional learning activities designed to facilitate professional competencies for health care practitioners.  The problems with quality and safety are reviewed from a health care systems perspective.  Quality improvement processes are addressed utilizing clinical examples from across clinical settings.  This course is currently available for enrollment (Course Number PEDU 4060) as an interprofessional curriculum. 

Please Note: Students from all schools at UTMB are eligible to participate. For more information about this course, please contact Brandon Hernandez by email at: ba1herna@utmb.edu

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Global Health Interprofessional Core Course (Fall 2012- Spring 2013)

This course is offered over a period from September to April to all students in the four schools. The course is the core, anchor course for the Global Health Training Program, and is the first step in developing a campus-wide, integrated Global Health Program for all students. An interprofessional group of faculty representing the School of Health Professions, the School of Nursing, the School of Medicine, and the Graduate School in Biomedical Sciences is led by Dr. Alexandra Nolen. The curriculum provides an overview of critical issues in understanding global health challenges in contemporary society within an interprofessional learning environment.

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Contact Person:
Caley Satterfield, M.Ed.
Program Coordinator
PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for Training in International Health
4.304 Marvin Graves Building 409.772.0637 office  casatter@utmb.edu