Application for Faculty Engagement Grant 2013-2014

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Guidelines: Focus on Interprofessional Education

This grant seeks to support faculty pursuing training, attending conferences, or engaging in initiatives that strengthen interprofessional education, collaborative practice and teamwork at UTMB.

Grants will be awarded at a maximum amount of $1,000 each. All UTMB faculty members are invited to apply. Funds can be used to cover registration or travel expenses to a conference, webinar, workshop or training in the United States, or to support IPE initiatives, as approved by the IPE review committee.  Grant applications must include the name, dates, and location of the conference, training, or event, as well as a brief statement of how the faculty member plans to apply the experience to the enhancement of Interprofessional Education at UTMB.


Interprofessional Education Goals:
Goal 1  Knowledge Acquisition.
Students will acquire insight into the knowledge, skills, and roles of healthcare-related disciplines.

Goal 2  Observational Learning.
Students will observe interprofessional teamwork and identify barriers and facilitating mechanisms for the development and operation of such teams.

Goal 3  Participatory Learning.
Students will practice optimal interprofessional teamwork.

Goal 4  Innovation Development.
Students will acquire skills to develop, implement, and evaluate interprofessional projects aimed at enhancing health and wellness.

Goal 5  Leadership Building.
Students will learn to provide leadership in formulation of interprofessional teams including the elimination of barriers to success.

Proposals are reviewed by the synergy grant selection committee and are evaluated based on the following criteria:
1. A major focus of the conference relates to the educational priorities listed above.
2. Evidence of commitment to interprofessional education, collaborative practice, and teamwork, with a brief statement of how the faculty member plans to enhance interprofessional education at UTMB.

Use of Funds
 - Funds may be used for travel, lodging, and/or registration fees for conferences or training in the United States..
 - Grant recipients will submit detailed information for the conference or training they plan to attend.
 - International Travel is not an option for the faculty grant.
 - The funds may be used to support other IPE activities or initiatives, as approved by the IPE review committee.


Timeline and Process

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

• The IPE Review committee reviews all submitted proposals, and will make the final decision regarding grant recipients.
• The committee may ask the faculty member to supply additional information and/or to revise and resubmit their application.
• All travel and expenditures must be completed and submitted before August 10, 2014.
• Decisions will be announced by email in a timely manner and funds will be available for reimbursement.

Contact: For further information about the grant process, and to receive the grant application, please contact