The Volunteer Corps is a UTMB initiative supporting the University of Texas System's volunteer recognition program called UT Service & Civic Participation. Through the program, participants can earn the President of the United States' Volunteer Service Award.

The UTMB Volunteer Corps was created to recognize the important volunteer service members of the university community provide to their communities. The Corps also hopes to encourage more people to become involved with charitable, service and civic organizations, to make people aware of service needs and opportunities, and to offer the UTMB family opportunities to work together on projects outside the university. The Volunteer Corps and awards are about doing good, feeling good about it, and celebrating service. The program promotes our proud tradition of volunteer service, and is open to students, staff, faculty, UTMB retirees* and volunteers.

A centralized web site makes the process easy. Volunteers register on the site and log their hours. Those logging a minimum of 100 volunteer hours in a 12-month period will receive an awards package based on number of hours served. The awards packages include a certificate of achievement, President’s Volunteer Service Award lapel pin, a note of congratulations from the President of the United States and a letter from the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation. Awards at UTMB will be presented twice a year, during Employee Service Day celebrations.

Bronze Award: 100-174 hours of service in a 12-month period
Silver Award: 175-249 hours of service in a 12-month period
Gold Award: 250 hours of service in a 12-month period
President’s Call to Service Award: 4000 hours of service over a lifetime

The President’s Volunteer Service Awards

More information is available at a special web site managed for UT System by the award program: Simply click on theUTMB logo on the page to register and begin recording your volunteer hours.

For more information on the UTMB Volunteer Corps, contact the UTMB Office of the President at (409) 772-9867 or call HR-OETR at (409) 747-6700.

Visit the President's Volunteer Service Award web site

Visit the the President’s Volunteer Service Awards site

* UTMB retirees log into the PVSA web site as "volunteers"
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