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Congratulations to the work regional performing providers have completed to meet DSRIP project metrics and milestones which are designed to transform healthcare delivery in Texas as well as optimize health system performance through three dimensions, which we call the Triple Aim of Healthcare: 1) Improving the patient experience of care, including quality and satisfaction; 2) Improving the health of populations; and, 3) Reducing the per-capita cost of health care. Please take a few minutes to stop and celebrate your accomplishments, and use these significant results to motivate you and your colleagues to push forward to make even more substantial impact during the remainder of the current waiver period.


DY8 Round 2 (October) Reporting Timeline
 • February 21, 2020 –  HHSC will distribute NMI reporting results. Approved reports will be included for payment in the next DSRIP payment period, estimated for July 2020.

DY8 Round 2 (October) Payments
 • Payment Summaries for DY8 Round 2 are posted by Category and Category C Milestone. 
    o  October DY8 Project and Category Summary

    o  October DY8 Category C Milestone Summary 

 • Total Payments to Date have also been updated to include DY8 Round 2 payments.

Category A: Cost and Savings
 • The DSRIP team has started sending follow-up e-mails to providers for Cost and Savings. Anchors will be copied on all e-mailed communications with providers. Due to the amount of reviews being completed, HHSC requests that anchors ensure that providers are submitting timely responses.

DY9-10 RHP Plan Updates
 • Thank you for submitting NMI responses to the DY9-10 RHP Plan Updates! HHSC is reviewing responses and emailing providers with a cc to Anchors if responses are missing or additional information is needed. There is a short turnaround on requested responses so please assist your providers in the process. 

DSRIP Transition - Best Practices Workgroup
 • The Best Practices Workgroup’s first round of survey feedback on prioritizing key measures closed on January 30, 2020. During the second week in February, the preliminary survey results will be discussed with Workgroup members in teleconference meetings based on focus areas.