About RHP 2

A critical element of the 1115 Demonstration Waiver in its first year of implementation is the completion of a community health assessment. The Region 2 Healthcare Partnership community health assessment consists of two major components, quantitative and qualitative information.

The quantitative community health assessment (county profiles) were prepared by The George McMillan Fleming Center for Healthcare Management at the University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston; the Center for the Elimination of Health Disparities (UTMB); and the Texas Area Health Education Center (AHEC-East)(UTMB). It is composed of information gathered from a wide range of existing data sources. That data is presented in a way that helps the reader understand important demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of Region 2. The data also provides evidence of the health status of individuals and communities, including morbidity and mortality from acute and chronic health conditions, as well as cancer incidence. Readers will also see data regarding health services delivery, health resources, and information regarding socio-cultural and environmental effects on individual and community health.

The qualitative community health assessment, was designed and conducted by the Texas Area Health Education Center (AHEC) East program. AHEC has worked in the 16 counties of Region 2 for 20 years, and has connected with partners and other information resources seeking the ideas, opinions and perspectives of residents of the 16 county service area of Region 2. The qualitative community health assessment identifies what people believe about health issues, health services, and health resources in the community.

Region 2 County Information

Angelina County
Brazoria County
Galveston County
Harden County
Jasper County
Jefferson County
Liberty County
Nacogdoches County
Newton County
Orange County
Polk County
Sabine County
San Augustine County
San Jacinto County
Shelby County
Tyler County

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