RHP Plan

The links below provide information about RHP 2, its organization, and its original RHP Plan along with RHP Plan updates:

Additional RHP Plan updates can be found on the HHSC Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) Plans page that includes:

RHP Summary Information
  • List of approved Category 1 & 2 DSRIP projects - all RHPs
  • QPI Summary – all RHPs
  • Project types – statewide summary
Updated RHP Plan Information
  • Most recent Category 1 & 2 Project Narratives by RHP
  • Category 1 & 2 Project Workbooks for 4-year projects
  • Category 1 & 2 Project Workbook for all 3-year projects
  • Category 3 Outcome Summary (this will continue to be updated as baselines are finalized)
  • Category 4 (DY3 data, including RHP level summary data for PPE domains)
Original RHP Plans
  • Original RHP Plan submissions sent to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

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